Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day! You might have noticed me saying that through gritted teeth mind. I dread stumbling across that crumpled letter in the depths of a book bag saying that this year we’ll be dressing up as <insert mind boggling theme here>…. Argh! Now I could grumble about schools placing the emphasis on dressing up actually misses the whole point of World Book Day but I’m sure that there are plenty of other bloggers that have already done that and in a much more eloquent way than I ever could. But seriously, where did the dressing up as a book character thing even come from? Who ever thought that would equal anything but parental stress? And anyway shouldn’t it be about, I don’t know, reading and sharing books? Just putting that out there.

As for my poor children, well they don’t stand a chance with a useless mummy like me. The whole crafty, sewing, making something out of nothing thing is just not my thing. My talents lie elsewhere, clearly. So we normally have a last minute panic before cobbling something together out of our dressing up box. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you a very cute witch from Room on the Broom who couldn’t find her broom but we won’t dwell on that (this years theme was Julia Donaldson by the way, so not as obscure as some previous years to be fair) and a totally not in theme but frighteningly authentic Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of course.

World Book Day (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

It hardly screams that mummy must have been up all night making those costumes does it? Ha! But I’m fine with that honestly, I don’t bow down to the competitive playground nonsense on World Book Day or any other day for that matter. Hey, my girls are happy and that’s all that counts. And to be fair, my efforts have actually improved over the years. My son went as Horrid Henry every single year of his primary school life. Mostly because the poor kid absolutely loathed dressing up and getting him to wear jeans and a striped jumper in the guise of it being an outfit felt like a happy compromise all round. Oh and we won’t mention that fact that my eldest daughter wore a recycled old Halloween cat costume as Puss in Boots for at least three years on the trot. Ahem.

I love sharing posts like this for prosperity of course and if me being absolutely blummin’ useless at the whole thing makes just one of you feel better about your efforts (and let’s face it, it wouldn’t take much beating) then that’s a bonus if you ask me. Happy World Book Day folks!


4 thoughts on “Happy World Book Day!

  1. laurachora says:

    WBD is the bane of my life. I can’t stand it. The letter always says “Don’t go to any trouble or expense” … but that relies on you being fabulous with a sewing machine or having a bottomless dressing up box. With this in mind the 9 year old decided, at 10pm last night, that she’d go as a Dizzy, one of her favourite Cathy Cassidy characters *own clothes high five* and I told the 8 year old he was going as whatever cowboy he wanted to go as. That outfit was left over from Roald Dahl day.


  2. Vanessa says:

    Agreed. Not being of a crafty and creative disposition, days like these are just *another* chore on my list. Our school celebrates World Book Day in April though, so guess who’s been scrolling through Twitter all day gathering clever ideas. Sneaky, aren’t I?


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