Happy Easter!

Is it just me or has this school holiday come around really quickly? In fact, this year is just flying by how is it April already? I only realised last week that the children were breaking up so early, I’ve never known them to have anything but the two weeks either side of the Easter weekend off. Obviously it’s lovely to have them break up so early but I suspect that heading straight back to school on the Tuesday following the bank holiday will hurt. It’s my birthday that day too. Ouch.

Easter decorations (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogWe usually plan to go away at Easter but we can’t this year. My son is going to be back and forth to school for revision classes which as you can imagine, he is thrilled about *snort* Big gold stars all round for the teaching staff that are giving up their holidays to do this though, obviously it is completely voluntary – on the part of the teachers and students. If I’m being completely honest I am gutted that we are not going on holiday, summer feels like a very long way away yet but needs must of course. His GCSE exams are a matter of weeks away now which is quite frankly terrifying. And given that he has been a lazy bum for the last two years until his rubbish mock results gave him the scare of his life in January, he needs all the extra help he can get. Sigh. This is one time when I’m actually thankful for the school for encroaching on our all too precious family time!

Obviously he’s not going to be at school all day every day, but it does mean that these holidays aren’t really our own. It wouldn’t feel right if the rest of us were off and about enjoying our jollies without him while he has his head stuck in a book. Although I suspect that this is how it is going to be for the next good few years yet. My daughter will be sitting her GCSEs next year then the following year it will be time for my son’s A-levels, then the year after it will my daughter’s turn for hers of course. I didn’t think this fourteen month age gap thing through very well did I? Ha! Anyway, I’m sure we will snatch the odd day out here and there and it just means having to make the most of what little time we do all have off together. Something that we have learnt to be very good at over the last year or so. But most of all, we will have time just to be. Lovely. Oh and Easter eggs. I’m sure we will make time for them too.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Picklesmum says:

    GCSE exam stress here too. Plus the added bonus of year six SATs. I don’t remember the pursuit being so bad when I did my own!


  2. Justine Allen says:

    Our school only gets a week at Easter (they finish on Friday) and we get 2 weeks at Whitsun. Feel sad that we’re missing all the lovely Easter activities that are going on!


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