What I Wore: The Sunshine Edition

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

Yellow floral top H&M (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Yellow floral top – H&M, vintage wash skinny jeans – Next, yellow sandals – SaltWater, butterfly bracelet – TopShop, watch – Michael Kors, initial necklace – gift from forever ago, coral nail varnish – Soigne

Well if the sunshine won’t come to me, then I will bring the sunshine to my outfit. Or something like that. Nothing like a bright sunshiney yellow to brighten up my day that’s for sure. Yellow is my favourite colour and when I spotted this top in H&M the other day, I just couldn’t resist. It has little frilled cap sleeves and pearl buttons down the front. The floral print is just so sweet and its in a lovely soft crinkly cotton. And best of all it is a size 10 woohoo! I picked up a size 12 and knew that it would swamp me just by looking at it so I dared to try a size 10 and what would you know, it only bloody well fitted me. Me. In a size 10. Happy days! Now, please don’t burst my bubble by telling me how inconsistent and often far too generous the sizings are in H&M because I just won’t listen *la la la fingers in ears while doing a I’m wearing a size 10 dance* 

I can’t believe how miserable this summer is turning out to be weather wise though. I know there is time for it to change yet but seriously, skinny jeans in June? It shouldn’t be allowed! I actually vowed that this would be the summer that I would get my legs out more but the weather gods are conspiring against me. My legs aren’t that bad. Honest. I think that’s one of the reasons why I usually fall into a uniform of maxi dresses though as they are just so easy to throw on when the weather is so changeable. When it’s chilly, you can still wear them without freezing to death or looking like a prize idiot but still feel a teensy bit summery even if the weather isn’t. I think I would just rather the sun shine though. You know, like it should in the middle of June *shakes fist at sky*

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week? And more importantly, does anyone know where the sunshine is hiding?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


6 thoughts on “What I Wore: The Sunshine Edition

  1. Nish says:

    love the yellow of the sandals. Such a pretty color! I like this meme too, might actually participate if I remember to take pics. Hopefully it will inspire me a bit to wear something a little more special.


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I have been joining in with WIWW since the beginning and it really is great fun. It’s all about everyday style and it’s a great way of finding lots of new blogs to read too. You should definitely join in 🙂


  2. dousedinpink says:

    Stopping by from WIWW. Love the yellow top and sandals! Such a perfect summer look!



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