What I Wore: The Middle of the School Holidays Slump Edition

It’s Wednesday (it is Wednesday, isn’t it? The days are all starting to merge into one at this point of the summer holidays)

..so it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Blush blouson – Mango, indigo skinny jeans – Boden, coin necklace – H&M, bracelets – Links of London, watch – Michael Kors, nail varnish – Chanel Le Vernis in Pirate

I love the school holidays, I really do but I must admit that I’m at that bit in the middle where I’ve hit a bit of a slump. The noise, the mess, oh my godfathers THE MESS, the constant bickering and the complete and utter relentlessness of the whole 24/7 thing are beginning to take their toll. We have done lots of lovely things already and I have to keep reminding myself that we still have lots of nice plans ahead. It’s always nice to spread out the fun over the whole of the six weeks, don’t you think? Very easy to go mad in the first week and not only run out of ideas but also set their expectations way too high. No way can you sustain that off the scale level of fun fun FUN for six whole weeks people! I’ve even thrown in a family trip to the dentist this week, just to keep it real you know? They can’t wait. Best. Mummy. Ever. *snort*

So today we are just having a lazy old day at home. Well when I say lazy obviously I don’t mean in the slightest bit lazy, just that we don’t plan on leaving the house. Newsflash: life with four children can never be lazy. In fact, for the most part I feel like I’m running a very busy cafe. They never stop eating. Like seriously never. So a (not so) lazy day at home sees me wearing skinnies with my new bargain top from Mango. I sold a lot of summer dresses that were too big for me and with the proceeds I treated myself to some goodies in the Mango sale. I was actually really sensible and bought a handbag and some tops that will see me into autumn rather than buy more summer clothes though and this was one of them. It’s a gorgeous blush colour in a lovely floaty silky material. I love the shape and I’m thinking this will be perfect layered under blazers.

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week? Have you picked up any bargains in the summer sales?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


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11 thoughts on “What I Wore: The Middle of the School Holidays Slump Edition

  1. mummascribbles says:

    How yummy do you look?!! Are you sure you’ve had 4 kids?!

    It’s a bit of a rubbish clothes week for me. I have been thoroughly enjoying my gorgeous maxi dresses this summer but the weather is cooler now so it’s back to boring work trousers and tops that are too big for me! I’m on a fitness marathon at the moment (well, maybe not a marathon but I’m trying to exercise regularly) so everything I bought in the last round of shopping are rather floaty on me now! Don’t get me wrong, this is good as I remember I bought them floaty in the first place cause I still felt a bit podgy! I feel less podgy now but still working hard to feel more comfortable before I buy anything new!


  2. TheMadHouse says:

    I am with you on the holiday SLUMP. I am a holiday lover too as you know, but at the moment the mess and the ironing are piling up. I need to just have a few days of saneness to clean up and get back on top of things. I just want to breath in before I breathe out again!


  3. butwhymummywhy says:

    I agree, this midway point is tough! Last week I got all confident thinking I’d got it sussed – this week I’m a wreck! Luckily we go on holiday in a few days, so I’m hoping that will help ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx


  4. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely says:

    Beautiful (as always). Mine are not yet at school (the eldest starts in Sep, though) but we’re midway through a two month period of my husband mostly working away or working until ridiculous times at night. I’m starting to feel like all the energy has been sucked out of me. So rather than relax, I have decided it’s the perfect time to start running again. Contrary, I know, but I really think it will help (even if I can only sneak out for half an hour twice a week).


  5. Lauryn says:

    Sorry completely random question…but where did you sell your old dresses? Did you ebay them or was there a local place, etc..? You look fab by the way and I can’t believe you are the mummy of 4!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Ahh thank you! I just sold them on eBay yes but to be honest, I’m not very good at it as I ended up selling them for little more than pennies. I’m not sure if it was worth the hassle but some people sure got some bargains! Ha!


  6. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    You look lovely Sarah:) I really need a good wardrobe overhaul, I seem to just keep rotating the same few pairs of skinny jeans and stripy tops. I had a massive clear out earlier in the year and haven’t really got round to a proper update! I really need to look about for a few new things! ๐Ÿ™‚ x


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