Hello new jeans

The only disadvantage of this shrinking in size business is that my wardrobe is also shrinking because things just don’t fit properly anymore wahhh! I had a bit of a wardrobe sort out the other week in an attempt to get ready for autumn and thankfully, most of my dresses still fit (in fact much better than they did last year!) It would seem that dresses are really quite forgiving especially jersey ones of which I have many. Maybe that’s how I got so fat in the first place hmmm.. But jeans are not so flexible and I didn’t have a single pair that fit me properly anymore. So with some pennies that I had left over from selling my too big summer dresses, I treated myself this week *does the new jeans dance*

Gap 1969 Destructed Real Straight Jeans (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThis being me of course I have a whole new Pinterest board dedicated to my AW14 wishlist. Of course, the likelihood of these clothes getting any further than my virtual pinboard is very slim but a girl can dream right? With a couple of pairs in mind that I had pinned from Zara and Gap, off I toddled to see them in real life. In the end, I went with this pair of 1969 Destructed Real Straight pair from Gap which was actually the very first pair I tried on. So unlike me. I decided to stray from my usual choice of anything super skinny in safe dark indigo and I’m so glad I did, I love the style and the fit. My eight year old daughter was horrified though. “How did you get such big holes in your jeans? Are they very very old, Mummy? And did you spill paint on them too?” Such a mother hen. Ha!

I’ve never bought jeans from Gap before because I was put off by their sizes. It’s bad enough being anything from a size 10 to a size 14 depending on where I shop never mind throwing strange number sizings into the equation. What are the numbers anyway? Waist measurements I’m guessing? Anyway I stand completely corrected and put my hands up and say that this was just lazy shopping on my part in the past because I am an absolute convert. They might be my first pair but they won’t be my last I love love LOVE Gap jeans. Especially when I got them home and realised that in old money. they are a size 10 woohoo! Always a bonus!

Happy new jeans day to me!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

10 thoughts on “Hello new jeans

  1. cocomamastyle says:

    I love Gap jeans! I also have the destructed real straight (mine have no paint splashes and are just scuffed on the leg with an undone hem – no big rips) – they have so many variations on the same style name. I love the straight cut as their ‘sexy boyfriend’ is a bit too baggy for my liking but the straight is just right (I am aware I sound like Goldilocks!!).
    This weekend I also bought some from Zara (my two fave shops); the ‘relaxed cigarette’ and I’m going to have to force myself to stop wearing them – I may *have* to buy another pair – they come in two colours so it’s only fair to have both, right?!
    I’m a bit over yanking up skinny jeans when I’m crawling around with my little ones.


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