Eggs. Horse. Ted.

It was back to school for us this week and never mind the children, I am exhausted. Ugh. This year I have four children in four different places. Infants, juniors, high school and sixth form (which hurts my head just thinking about it!) But on the bright side, this meant a week of staggered returns so although I spent the week not knowing if I was coming or going, it was much gentler on the heart strings not to lose them all in one fell swoop.

I must admit that summer took its toll this year. With study leave followed by the summer holidays, I didn’t have a child free day for fifteen whole weeks. There was a point where the bickering and the mess and the constant bloody feeding and the lounging teenagers getting under my feet began to grate but as the time to go back to school came around all too soon (as it always does) I would have given anything for just one more week. I must be mad. The youngest two were the first to go back on Tuesday and the temptation to hide them under my coat and smuggle them back home with me was huge. But of course instead I did the isn’t-this-exciting-I-bet-you-can’t-wait-to-go-back thing complete with a big jolly smile. Sigh.

Back to school (Mostly) Yummy MummyI think part of the not wanting to go back bit is that we have such a stressful year ahead. It’s the final year of infants for my youngest (how did that happen?!) Plus we have a bit of a battle ahead of us after the NHS speech therapist discharged her without any consultation just before we broke up for summer. How this affects her special needs standing in school while we wait (a no doubt very long wait) to be re-referred for the much needed therapy I do not know. It is such a huge worry. My eight year old is heading into Year 4 but she is such a sensitive little thing and really not good with change so the start of a new school year is always a wobbly one for her. Quite by chance, she has the same class teachers this year as she had last year so fingers crossed this will help her to settle quickly.

My eldest daughter is in her final year of her GCSEs and having just gone through it all with her brother last year, I know all too well just how hard this year will be. Then there is my eldest who started sixth form and hit the ground running with a hectic timetable which is going to take some getting used to. For me and him to be fair as it looks like he will be spending as much time getting under my feet at home as he will at school. And breathe.

Back to school and back to the old (and some brand new) routines. It’s scary just how quickly the children switch straight into school mode. I could do with taking a leaf out of their book to be honest because quite frankly I am frazzled. Not even a full week under our belts yet and I am already drowning in paperwork and forthcoming diary dates. No nit letter yet though so that’s good. I give it two weeks max. And of course my cheque book doesn’t know what has hit it. Eggs. Horse. Ted. How long until half term again..?!

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8 thoughts on “Eggs. Horse. Ted.

  1. carla says:

    It won’t be long before they’re back on holiday for a week! I find kids generally thrive on the routine once the initial shock period is over with. Good luck for the upcoming week x


  2. Alison @ Not Another Mummy Blog says:

    It took me far longer than it should have to get the meaning of eggs. Horse. Ted. Ha! My excuse is that I’m tired too 😉 your school life sounds hectic! And I cannot believe you have a son in sixth form – you are no way old enough 🙂


  3. From fun to mum says:

    4 kids in 4 schools?! That sounds impossible to me having just one who us just starting preschool at the primary school. Wow! You clearly have this mother thing sorted. Good luck with the year ahead.


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