Need.. Want.. (The AW14 ankle boot edition)

This time of year normally sees me on a hunt for The Perfect Boots but as hard as it is for me to admit, I really don’t need any more boots. I tidied away my sandals and dug out my winter clobber the other day. What  lovely way to spend a morning! Anyway it’s safe to say that I have way more pairs of boots than there are days in the week. That’s more than enough by anyone’s standards. Seriously. But need and want are two very different things.

AW14 boots

1. Ash ankle boots 2. Boden Soho Ankle Boot 3. Boden Chic Ankle Boot 4. Leather Chelsea Boots with Insolia® | M&S

If only I had the pennies, these beauties would be sneaked into my shoe cupboard in a flash *dreamy sigh* Are you on the annual hunt for your perfect boots?

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4 thoughts on “Need.. Want.. (The AW14 ankle boot edition)

  1. Glasgow Mummy says:

    It is funny that you posted this today, because yesterday evening I scheduled a post (I think it goes live tomorrow) that talks about finding the perfect winter boot too!! I’ve had rubbish luck lately and had to chuck out a good few pairs of cheap boots. Time to invest in a decent pair I think! Hopefully I can spare some pennies come pay day!


  2. Dorothy Camper says:

    I love those Ash boots and the Boden ankle chic boots have caught my eye too. I’m a huge fan of boots too and I really don’t need anymore but I can’t help looking… Lynne x


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