What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

White shirt – H&M, ripped jeans – Gap 1969 destructed real straight, tan brogues – Office, watch – Michael Kors, cocktail ring – M&S

There’s no denying that autumn is well and truly here but I’m at that in between point where I’m not quite ready to pull out the woolies and opaques yet. Firstly, it’s not that cold not by Yorkshire standards anyway and secondly, once they are out they are out for a very long time! So whilst my summer clothes are well and truly packed away, I’m very much easing myself into the thought of winter and pretty much living in jeans for now. This year is just flying by arghhh!

White shirt and jeans. Such a classic combo. But actually I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to find shirts that fit me properly. Unless you have an ironing board chest, there is always a danger of looking matronly I think. Buttons bursting at the seams is never a good look but I think I have cracked it with this white boyfriend style shirt from H&M. Plus it has elbow patches. I do love me an elbow patch.

The jeans are the ones I raved about here from Gap. Love love love these jeans! I haven’t worn anything but skinny jeans for such a long time, so even considering buying anything but was a huge leap out of a style tut for me but I’m so glad that I did. The looser fit of the straight leg is just so flattering. And ridiculously comfy.

The tan brogues were ridiculously cheap in the sale from Office but I’m not sure if they are really me to be honest. I love the colour though and I’m hoping that they will look good with wooly tights and dresses when the time comes. Maybe they will grow on me, we’ll see!

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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22 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Lauren says:

    I love this look on you. I’d love to be able to wear this, I’m pretty sure the white shirt would be ruined within minutes though.
    The shoes are lovely too xx


  2. mousedogbaby says:

    I LOVE the brogues. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while, but they’re going to have to go on my Christmas list. The jeans are amazing too. It’s a great look for you!


  3. Sophie says:

    You look amazing!
    Congratulations on the weight loss, spurred me on to do the same.
    The outfit is great, classic and simple with good impact.


  4. Godders45 says:

    I think the brogues are fab. I’d just like jeans that fit and hid my muffin top (yes, I need to do that weight-loss thing too…*sigh*). Now, where do you think Simon Cowell gets those high-waisters from?


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I’m with you and can’t abide low rise jeans, I just can’t be doing with hoiking them up all day never mind flashing my builders bum. Nobody needs to see that! Ha! These are classed as mid rise but actually hide the old muffin a treat. I find M&S jeans to be a decent rise too. If you want really high though, Next do some gorgeous high waisted jeans at the moment. TopShop do some high waisted ones called ‘Mom jeans’ (yes really!) and they look great. Can you tell that I’ve been on an extensive jeans search recently?! Ha!


  5. Dorothy Camper says:

    Love this outfit. Perfect! I love your brogues. I think they really suit you. I’ve not bought any as I don’t think they’re very me 😦 the jeans are fab by the way. Lynne x


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