The one with too many mugs

How many mugs are too many mugs? Hmmm I’m not sure but I am pretty certain that I’m close to that number. But I just  c a n n o t  resist. It’s like an illness I swear!

I have some gorgeous sets from Cath Kidston that I treated myself to when we renovated our kitchen four years ago. Then I have an Emma Bridgewater collection that I am building on literally mug by mug. (Shhh.. Mr Mostly would have a heart attack if he knew just how much I had spent on those babies) Then I have whole sets of plain white cups and saucers that came with my dinner service and get used every day. Then there are random mugs that I have spotted here and there and couldn’t resist. And IKEA ones that have jumped in my trolley over the years. It’s the law to leave IKEA with at least five things that you didn’t go in for. Everybody knows that. Then there are old ones from colour schemes gone by. Oh and the ones that were bought to coordinate with the living room rather than the kitchen. That’s a thing, right? That is so a thing. And then there are the really really old ones that have survived the 90s so I just can’t bear to part with them because they just scream of, well, the 90s and remind me of setting up home together all those years ago. I really am that ancient. Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive, I haven’t even mentioned the cockerel mugs that we bought just so we can say ‘Yours is the cock mug’. Ancient we might be but mature? No. Definitely not.

Blossom & Bill mug (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

And then of course you have the whole only drinking certain drinks from certain mugs thing. I have to drink coffee from a cup and saucer but if it’s a latte, then the Cath Kidston oversized cups are just the perfect size. And everybody knows that Earl Grey tastes best from an Emma Bridgewater mug. Well, durr! So in a very round about kind of way what I’m trying to say is that there is always an excuse for a new mug. Especially if it is a Blossom & Bill mug that happened to be an absolute steal in HomeSense. Man I love that shop. But I really shouldn’t be allowed in there without a responsible adult. What can I say? I  a m  w e a k.

Mr Mostly usually despairs of my mug buying habits. And he doesn’t even know about the ones hidden away at the back of the never ending cupboard *cough* But he was so tickled by my new Blossom & Bill addition (you can see the likeness too, right? It’s us! Rudey dudey us!) that he came home with the rest of the colours to make a full set. He is such an enabler. Cup of tea anyone?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

16 thoughts on “The one with too many mugs

  1. Lauren says:

    ha! I love this post. I recently sorted out our mug cupboard…rock n roll lifestyle right there. My husband will just grab any mug from the cupboard, totally unaware that they are now in an order (top shelf ones are just general mugs, middle shelf are special ones, and the other cupboard has the Christmas ones). Imagine my disgust last week when he handed my one and only Cath Kidston mug to his dad. I had to go into the garden as I just couldn’t watch him drinking from it. (true story that)
    Did you watch The Driver? I love the ‘mug’ mug they had on there and the one that had ‘ock’ on it, with the handle creating the ‘C’ xx


  2. Nish says:

    Such pretty mugs. I’ve never actually been into them…all our mugs are corporate freebies, but these ones you have featured are seriously pretty!


  3. Dorothy Camper says:

    Ooohhh I love a good mug too. Problem is hubby gets very frustrated when the cupboard that holds them is fit to burst and usually has a paddy about them! Love my Emma Bridgewater mugs and I have plain white every day Denby as well as many odd ones which have been gifts over the years. I often buy Cath Kidston mugs as gifts but I own none myself – this clearly needs to be rectified! Love this post! Lynne x


  4. mummascribbles says:

    I love mugs too! I got a 4 set last Christmas by Martin Wiscombe. You should check him out, he does loads and they are gorgeous! I also have lots of his placemats – all of his stuff makes me want to eat whatever is featured on them! x


  5. tracykuhn says:

    I have a whole cupboard full of mugs and I’d say that only the first row on the bottom shelf ever get used. But the rest look pretty and some have sentimental value (don’t judge me) and I also have some that my girls have made for me, you know the ones that they can paint?
    My new thing is vintagey cups and saucers, they need a whole new cupboard of their own
    Also, what happens in HomeSense, stays in HomeSense, you know that 🙂


  6. mousedogbaby says:

    Oh my, I need that mug! It looks like me and Trev too. He’ll love it, I’m sure. I do this with mugs too, and I enable others by buying them for birthday presents too. I think mugs that coordinate with different rooms are important!


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