What I Wore Wednesday: The Tweed Edition

It’s Wednesday..

..so you guessed it, it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Pink tweed blazer – Per Una At Marks and Spencer, feather brooch – Marks and Spencer, silver tree necklace – Hairy Growler, white tee – H&M, indigo jeans – Boden, leopard print skater shoes – Office, nails – Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Noir 

This blazer is ancient and when I say ancient I mean ancient! I bought it shortly before I became pregnant with my third baby so we are talking nearly nine years ago. I only got to wear it once before I was too pregnant to fit into it and then I never got back into it comfortably after she was born. I loved it so much though that it has always survived my huge wardrobe clearouts. Despite thinking that I would never ever fit into it ever again, I just couldn’t part with it. And now of course I’m glad I didn’t. It’s such a great shape with the one button fastening but most of all it is pink tweed! I love it!

I kept it simple with a white tee and skinny jeans today but I am always worried that blazers can make me look like a frump so I wore my leopard print skater shoes to hopefully keep it casual. I umm-ed and ahh-ed over the skater shoe thing for ages. I loved them on other people but just wasn’t sure if I could pull them off. I’m not really a trainers kind of girl (well with the exception of my Converse but I don’t even wear them all that often) But I spotted these in the sale from Office a while ago so I took the plunge for the sake of a tenner and I actually love them. They’re just so easy to wear.

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week? I’m guessing it’s not an ancient tweed blazer! Ha! I have to say though that I’m loving that it’s almost November and we are still firmly in blazer weather. Amazing. We normally plan to have a lazy week over this half term rarely venturing from the sofa but this year we’ve actually been making the most of the freakishly mild weather and have been getting out and about. It has been lovely so far. When winter really does hit though, something tells me that it is going to feel extra cold brrrrr!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday: The Tweed Edition

  1. Dorothy Camper says:

    I love this outfit! What a fantastic blazer. I’m always worried that I look a bit too frumpy in a blazer and I love your idea of teaming it with skater shoes – I shall be stealing that! I was quite late buying skater shoes but I love mine now, in fact I’d quite like another pair… Lynne xx


  2. @HelenW71 says:

    Gorgeous, as usual! Love the juxtaposition of the smart blazer with the casual shoes. I have a Hairy Growker necklace on my Christnas list, I’m hoping I’ve been a good enough girl this year. His work is amazing. Hxx


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