Happy Halloween from Flora Buttery

We had great fun last week taking part in Flora Buttery‘s Halloween blogger challenge. We were sent a Creepy Crate filled with all sorts of spooky goodies, a pumpkin and a Halloween Fun Pack guide. We were provided with some of the ingredients to make some of the recipes like these spiderweb muffins and spooky gingerbread plus lots of crafty materials to keep us busy and even some dressing up clothes and decorations to get into the spirit!

Flora Buttery Creepy Crate Halloween Fun (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The Halloween Fun Pack was a great little guide packed jam full of ideas and we had lots of fun choosing what to do. There were tasty recipes, spooky craft ideas and even some fun game inspiration. You can read more about the frighteningly fun pack here but for now, here is what we got up to.

First of all we tried our hand at making our very own wriggly jelly worms. I’ve seen this idea over on Pinterest before but never actually tried it. You take some straws and pack them tightly together in a tall glass. Then make up your jelly with an extra pack of unflavoured gelatin. Now pour the jelly into the straws and the plan is that you will leave the worms to set in the straws in the fridge.

Flora Buttery Creepy Crate Halloween Fun (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogBut this is where I have to confess that we didn’t have much luck with this one. I’m not sure what we were doing wrong but we couldn’t get the jelly to stay in the straws!

That said, we did have an awful lot of fun trying and of course my little ones thought that the oozing green jelly splattering all over the kitchen was the most fun thing ever! So unfortunately we didn’t end up with any wriggly worms but we did salvage what jelly we could so we still got a yummy treat at the end of it! (If you’ve tried this and had better luck, please do tell me your secret!)

Spiderweb cake (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThere were lots of recipes to choose from. First we made some pumpkin and orange spiderweb muffins as you might have already seen. These were absolutely yummy and such a great way to use up some pumpkin.

I was really impressed with just how effective the little spiderweb icing turned out. My eight year old did these all by herself and I think she did a great job! In fact, we loved the effect so much that we made a chocolate cake for our Halloween party on Friday and used this spiderweb trick again using Nutella and melted white chocolate.

Gingerbread skeletons (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogNext we made some spooky gingerbread cookies using another of the recipes that you might have already seen in my last post. This was such a simple recipe to follow and one that we will definitely be using again as it made great gingerbread. We made spooky skeletons and rats that were expertly decorated by my little witch helper using icing pens. This would be a great party activity in itself actually.

Another idea is to make the cookies with a large pierced hole in the head. Once baked, you can then thread ribbon through the holes and dangle them from a broomstick. The children can line up underneath and attempt to bite the skeletons – no hands allowed mind!

Eyeball and spoon race (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogAnother great party idea is a spooky eyeball and spoon race. It’s just like a traditional egg and spoon race except you use a spooky eyeball instead of an egg! We made ours using a ping pong balls that we decorated using marker pens.

The weather was so freakishly good that we set up the race in the garden. We used some obstacles and a special bat finish line to make it more fun. The idea is to keep your eyeball on your spoon but if you drop it, it’s back to the starting line! It was just as much fun setting this up and doing lots of practice runs as it was doing the actual race, my girls loved this!

Halloween crafts (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThere were lots of crafty goodies in our Creepy Crate including some pumpkins to colour in and mix and match pumpkin stencils. The girls cut out the stencils and used them to create all sorts of spooky pumpkin faces before we designed and then carved our own real live pumpkins. You could use the templates to stick on to a pumpkin instead though if you wanted a quick and easy decoration.

The Halloween Fun Pack really was full of lots of great ideas and we had so much fun over the whole week with the activities. I love that my little ones get so into the spirit of all things Halloween and it was great to really enjoy these ideas together so thank you Flora Buttery for asking us to take part! We had a blast!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this post I was sent a Creepy Crate of goodies from Flora Buttery which included the craft items shown and some of the ingredients used in the recipes we made  


Pumpkin and orange spiderweb muffins (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog




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