ASDA Wooden Toys up for review

I absolutely love wooden toys for my children. Before my son was even born, I bought lots of wooden toys simply because they would look amazing in his nursery. Of course time and experience taught me that not only do wooden toys look beautiful, but they also stand the test of time. Some of those very first toys are still being played with today almost seventeen years later. Amazing. So when ASDA Direct got in touch asking if we would like to review some toys from their new wooden range, I jumped at the chance.

First of all I have to say that in all honesty, ASDA probably wouldn’t be the first place that I would think of when it came to wooden toys. But how wrong was I. They have a great range to choose from starting with small items like classic bricks to huge play kitchens. And it is all amazing – and I mean amazing – value for money.

The Farm Set we were sent was a huge hit with my little ones. The house has two floors with a little ladder and the door lifts out to become part of the scene with a pond and vegetable patch. It comes complete with 13 accessories including a farmer, tractor with trailer, fences, animals, hay, milk and even a wooden spade! The pieces are all lovely and chunky and perfect for little hands. Everything packs away into the base and there is even a handle for take away play. Priced at just £20 I think that it is exceptional value for the number of wooden accessories included and it is just such a lovely little set.

ASDA Direct wooden toys up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

ASDA Direct wooden toys up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The 2-in-1 Hob and BBQ Grill comes complete with 11 pieces including wooden utensils and play food. I love that this offers twice the fun with two ways to play, you can cook up a storm on the hob or sizzle on the BBQ simply by turning the base over and switching the back panel. You can also use the base to store away the food and accessories at the end of play. This would be a great compliment to any big play kitchen set but is of course also great fun on its own especially given that the set includes so many wooden accessories. This is priced at just £15 and again I think this is outstanding value.

ASDA Direct wooden toys up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

ASDA Direct wooden toys up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Now last but by no means least we have wooden Dolly Pram. This is absolutely beautiful as you can see. It is pink with polkadots and a pretty flower motif with a little love heart window and sturdy wooden wheels. It’s actually a really good size toy pram and fits even the biggest of our baby dolls. And also fat ginger cats. But obviously that is not recommended. Ahem. My poor cats are the most patient animals on earth I swear! It is suitable for ages 2+ years and is about 46cm high to give you an idea of the size but this is a toy that you will get years and years of play out of without a doubt. Priced at just £25 which given the amazing quality is astonishingly good value. I have seen very similar prams that cost more than four times that price.

ASDA Direct wooden toys up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

ASDA Direct wooden toys up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

All of the wooden toys that we were sent had to be assembled using a screwdriver but do not let that put you off. The instructions couldn’t be clearer and all the necessary screws and pieces are clearly labelled. They were all put together in no time at all and without a single hitch. It is good sturdy wood and clearly very well designed. The toys have taken quite a hammering already as you might expect but show absolutely no signs of wear. Not a loose screw in sight. These toys are put together to stay together.

My girls are heavy handed to say the least so they make shall we say very thorough reviewers when it comes to toys. I was seriously impressed with the quality. Great classic toys that are so sturdy and practical plus they look absolutely beautiful too. A good addition for any toy box I am sure. I honestly can’t recommend them enough!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

 Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent the wooden toys shown but all words and opinions are my own. As are the heavy handed girls who got to put the toys through their paces. 

2 thoughts on “ASDA Wooden Toys up for review

  1. Vickie says:

    I’m really impressed with Asda’s wooden toys. We’ve bought our daughter their wooden dolls house and furniture for Christmas and it’s really well made for the price!


  2. tamingtwins says:

    I love wooden toys too, I am always trying to sneak them in instead of the plastic that seems to appear and multiply during the night.. That grill is awesome!


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