John Lewis Christmas Decorations up for review

I was asked if I would like to choose some Christmas decorations to review from John Lewis.. err would I ever! Over the years we have amassed quite a collection of decorations as you can imagine but I can’t resist adding to them each year. I love that we have so many that we can actually pick and choose although the temptation to put up every single one is often all too much and we usually have decorations in every room! We haven’t actually put our decorations up yet but I couldn’t wait to show you what I chose.

John Lewis wooden advent house (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

First of all, we have this beautiful advent house. Christmas for us always starts on the 1st December as we begin to excitedly count down the days. This wooden house is laser cut and has soft white LED lights inside which glow through the shimmering window panes. There is a little numbered drawer for each day which is just big enough for a treat (or four in our case!) I love that it is battery operated which means that there are no unsightly wires and you are not restricted to where it is placed. I know that this is something that my family treasure for many many Christmases to come it is just beautiful.

John Lewis wooden advent house (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Decorating the tree is something that we all like to do as a family but if you have ever decorated a tree with children then you might have an idea of just how haphazard this can be. Mine are that bit older now so it gets better every year but I long since gave up on aspiring to have The Perfectly Decorated Tree. Actually the pleasure I get from us all decorating it together is worth much more. That said, I do like to keep some kind of order, even if it is a haphazard kind of order, so I tend to choose a colour scheme to try to keep some unity. It’s always a good idea to have sets of decorations to tie the scheme together as well as those one-off special ones I think.

John Lewis gold shiny jingle bells (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I plan to use these shiny jingle bells not only on my tree as decorations with ribbon but I also want to attempt to make a garland with them too to dress the shelves in my living room. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on with that one so watch this space!

John Lewis Livingly geometric tree decoration (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

These gorgeous Danish designed Livingly geometric tree decorations come in packs of three and I think they will give a lovely modern touch to my tree this year while still sticking to my traditional mainly gold theme. They fold out to create this lovely geometric tree shape.

John Lewis glitter antique text star decoration (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

My living room has a soft colour palette of creams and greys and I want to try to incorporate that into my colour scheme for this years tree as well as traditional golds so these glitter antique text star decorations were just perfect. The soft colours are just the perfect match but I love that the pretty glitter edge will really catch the light when they are on the tree. I can’t wait to put them up!

John Lewis Christmas Past Heart and Bell Wreath (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Last but by no means least we have this beautiful heart and bell wreath. We might not have our tree up just yet but I couldn’t resist putting this up on my living room door as soon as it arrived! The delicate heart is strewn with festive berries, fir cones and little cream bells. It’s so pretty. I have a feeling that I might ‘forget’ to take this down after Christmas it looks so lovely!

I have to say that I was really impressed with the huge range of decorations that John Lewis have on offer this year. It is well worth a look whether you are looking for basic baubles or something that little bit special, there really is something for everyone. Let the decorating begin!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent the wooden advent house and given the opportunity to chose the other decorations up to the value of £50. All opinions here are of course my own. 

8 thoughts on “John Lewis Christmas Decorations up for review

  1. The Ordinary Lovely says:

    Such lovely choices. I went to an amazing Christmas evening at my local John Lewis. It was such a wonderful evening full of festive food and drink and a brass band playing Christmas carols. And yes, I came away with some new decorations too. You’ve picked the nicest things x


  2. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    Oh my goodness, that advent house is just gorgeous! No wonder you bit John Lewis’ hand off, they have lovely things at Christmas time don’t they?


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