It’s a wrap!

I am one of those weirdos that loves wrapping presents. I know. Give me a pile of presents and I will spend hours and hours happily wrapping away. I think I actually love it a bit too much though. No hastily wrapped gifts here with a name scribbled on in biro. Oh no. I spend an age deciding on a colour theme then carefully wrap everything with the best paper, bows and ribbons ahoy. Last year I discovered washi tape. Oh boy oh boy was that a good year for wrapping. But the problem is that I can easily spend hours and hours that eventually turn into days and DAYS wrapping presents and actually, in the spirit of having a stress free December, I decided that my time might be better spent.

Christmas gift bags (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogSo this year I have decided that I will still wrap our Christmas presents so I will still get to enjoy some wrapping. Well, when I say some it will still be an awful lot. I will have over fifty stocking presents alone to help Santa wrap and that’s before I get to the presents from us to the children hmmm… But everybody else’s presents are being ‘wrapped’ in a bag this year. We buy a lot of presents for a lot of people so I reckon I have at least halved my wrapping workload.

I picked these up in Ikea so they were as cheap as chips but they are really lovely strong gift bags. They’re a good size so I have been able to fit more than one gift in too. A bit of tissue paper, tied on a tag and job done! I made one up last week just to see how it would look while I still had time to change my mind and start curling ribbon like a demon but it was so easy and looked so effective that I ended up putting them all together in less than a hour. Then I spent the afternoon with my feet up reading my Christmassy book. Now that is time well spent.

Another advantage too is that when buying presents, I haven’t had to think about how easy it would be to wrap. Or even disregard gift ideas altogether because they would be impossible to wrap. Please say that I’m not the only one to do that? No it was simply a case of it will fit in the bag, I will buy it. And being a good sized bag this was easy peasy. From a practical point of view too, the way that I have written the gift tags means that I can see at a glance which present belongs to who making it really easy when it comes to handing them all out. Plus the bags are paper so can be recycled. Or even better reused of course. I fully expect to get at least one of them back next Christmas! Ha!

I rather like this whole stress free Christmas thing especially when it ends up looking as good as this. What are your shortcut top tips this year?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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