The one with the curveball

It’s almost exam time here for us. Again. My daughter brought home her last school report for Year 11 and it was a bit of a mixed bag. Not what you want this close to exam time and to be honest, it was a bit of a surprise. She has been working her little socks off for the last two years so I wasn’t expecting to be thrown a curveball at this point. Subjects that she has genuinely struggled with in the past, she is now doing well in. Phew. All credit to her of course. But then subjects that she could previously ace in her sleep, she is seemingly stumbling in. Oh.

I’m not sure if it’s complacency? Or maybe genuine stress over looming exams? They can really pile it on at school and as a parent, it’s a really hard balance to get right at home. On one hand it is your job to tell them to pull their socks up. This is it. The most important time of their education. All paths have led to this point. But actually on the other hand, all anybody can ever do is try their best. And it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the grades you were hoping for as long as you have tried your best. Maybe a couple of surprises in her mock results from January are not such a bad thing actually. It might have been what she needed to give her a bit of a wake up call. She’s a clever girl. I know she can do this. I take great pleasure in telling her just how bloody brilliant she is every single day. And keeping up with her demands for chocolate brioche and pineapple juice. Brain food apparently but I’m not convinced.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogOne subject that she really struggles with though is maths. She always has and always will. (Much like her Mummy it has to be said – I was so relieved to scrape a grade C in my GCSE all those years ago but then went on to have a successful career in credit underwriting with numbers coming out of my ears… Go figure! Ha!) But her teacher has proposed that she sits her GCSE with a different exam board. Apparently she’s much better at the paper that uses a calculator than the one that doesn’t and the way the grades are worked out means that she will be more likely to pass with one board than another. I’m not explaining it very well but it made complete sense when her teacher told us about it. Ahem. Anyway, in short the school want her to get that pass as much as we do and are doing all that they can to help. From starting Year 10 at ‘unclassified’ to now being a high grade D she has done so well. That much needed grade C is now in her sights and she is determined not to be facing resits in sixth form. There’s no reason why she can’t pull it out of the bag with some extra support.

We had her Parent’s Evening last night and actually, it was really positive after her report was such a mixed bag. We are so lucky to have such a great school and teachers who genuinely want to help. We came away with lots of revision strategies and clear targets for those areas where she needs to pull her finger out. The school couldn’t be more helpful and hats off to the teachers who give up their own time to offer additional revision groups after school, they do such an amazing job. At home she will be up to her eyeballs in revision guides and past papers. And chocolate brioche and pineapple juice. Let’s do this!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

5 thoughts on “The one with the curveball

  1. ameliaappletree says:

    Good on you, it sounds like you’re offering her plenty of support. GCSE exams are a tough time with so many subjects to study for all at once. There’s a lot of pressure but you’re right, they can only do their best. Good luck to her, I hope she gets the results she wants 🙂


  2. Over a Cuppa says:

    It is such a stress for them and like you say it is ultimately what there education has built up for! My daughter year 11 too suffers from bad depression, she currently not at school but still working towards doing her gcse’s too. She is bright which in a way makes it worse though maths is her weak point. I am sure your either strong at maths or English but anyway I am waffling….Bex has a home tutor a upper 6th former actually so doesn’t beak the bank but this one to one has really helped her with her maths that she actually gets it!

    Wishing your daughter well, it is a tough time for them but the best they can do is always good enough as you can’t do more than that! x


  3. Susan Mann says:

    Bless, it’s such a stressful time. She will get there, she has a wonderful mum to support and guide her. What a great girl you have. Good luck xx


  4. tracykuhn says:

    It sounds like she’s getting lots of support. I really feel for them, my eldest is just choosing her GCSEs and it all feels so much more pressured than when I was at school.
    Good luck to your daughter x


  5. Sarah says:

    Oohhh i remember finals exams all too well. I love how supportive your appraoch is during this stressful time for her. I’m pretty sure my mum got a few stomach ulcers from the stress of my final exams. It’ll be interesting to see how I cope when my girls are at this stage.


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