The one with a tortoise related Bedouin rhyme

We have a new and very special addition to our family. My eight year old will soon be nine and her grandparents have treated her to a very special (and slightly early) birthday present. A pet tortoise all of her own. She honestly couldn’t be happier, it was like all of her birthdays and Christmases came at once when this little fellow arrived. Meet Esio Trot!

Esio Trot: The one with a tortoise related Bedouin rhyme (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

My daughter is a sensitive little soul and she absolutely loves animals. I think having a pet all of her own will be really good for her. The name Esio Trot came from the Roald Dahl book of the same name of course. Strictly speaking I suppose he should be called Alfie like the tortoise in the story but she thought he looked more like an Esio Trot than an Alfie. Sounds good to me! I’ve never seen a tortoise in the flesh before and I have to say that I am rather taken by him myself. He’s only 1 so he’s tiny right now but in about 10 years time, he will be fully grown and the size of a dinner plate.

My little girl doesn’t like surprises. In fact, she can get terribly upset by change or big surprises. She’s a planner and likes to know exactly what is happening when so since her Grandad told her about the tortoise a few weeks ago, she has been plotting and planning away. I don’t think there is anything that this child does not know about Horsefield tortoises bless her little cotton socks! She immediately took her responsibility of having a pet tortoise of her own very seriously and with our help, has researched how best to look after him. I must admit that there is a certain pressure that comes with looking after him for her while she is at school, I’m under very strict instructions as you can imagine! Ha!

But seeing her little face light up when she sees him is just priceless. She’s so gentle with him and spends hours just looking at him. She comes running into our room every morning asking to go downstairs to see him. Although it has to be said that Esio Trot is quite the little lazy bones and so far has still been tucked away fast asleep every morning. He then takes a good couple of hours to really wake up but when he does, he’s quite a lively little thing. And greedy. Really very greedy! What a life! It’s funny to think that he’ll probably out live the lot of us though. Just think, it might be my daughter’s grandchildren who are enjoying him one day. Esio Trot is a very special present for a very special little girl, that’s for sure. We’re a big bit in love.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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