Dino Tales up for review

Dino Tales is a new educational game by Kuato Studios for kids aged 4-10 years and we were lucky enough to get to have a play to review here on my blog. You can customise and control a baby dinosaur to explore a 3D island filled with dinosaurs, plants and fossils. The game was created alongside educational specialists and tested with pupils and teachers across primary schools in the UK. There are 6 characters to play with as well as plenty of games and activities like lava slides, rock bowling, scary caves and more.

Dino Tales up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogMy youngest daughter who has just turned 7 is absolutely dinosaur mad so she couldn’t wait to play but actually it was just as big a hit with my 8 year old daughter too. It is nice to see them both enjoy the same game so much, it really seemed to capture their imaginations. With Dino Tales you can create a digital storybook from your adventure which can be shared and read with an adult. It’s a great way to use an app in an educational way to enhance vocabulary and practice their storytelling skills. Then obviously from my point of view it’s also nice to be able to share the fun with my daughters. You can set the reading age so it is appropriate for your child which was a feature I also loved. You can also set playing time limits too if you feel it necessary and you can receive the storybook via email every time the kids play. The Parent Corner is really straightforward to use and also has all the instructions you need to get going. Although I have to say that at 7 and 8, my girls had no problems in navigating the actual games by themselves.

Dino Tales up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThere’s a really nifty feature of an interactive dino guide called Darwin and using the special word wheels, children can ask him different questions. It’s so much more than just a game as you really do get to learn lots of new dinosaur facts too. My youngest daughter loved customising her dinosaur and making him sneeze (the poor thing! Ha!) while my older daughter particularly liked exploring the island and collecting the fossils along the way. I think the mix of the educational elements along with the range of games really keeps the kids interested though. That as well as the great graphics. It really is a very well thought out and put together app and I think it goes without saying that it gets a huge thumbs up (or should that be claws up?) from us!

Dino Tales is available now from the App Store priced at £2.99 and is suitable for iPhone/iPad. 

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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