The one with a very happy birthday indeed

My daughter turned 9 last weekend and very much with my previous post in mind, I wanted to share a detail or two that might well be forgotten over the years. I didn’t have time to blog over the weekend as we had her birthday on Saturday followed by Mr Mostly’s on Sunday so it was a busy old time. This is exactly what I was talking about the other day of course. I had somehow fallen into a pattern of thinking that if I didn’t write about things in the right here, right now then the moment passes and it is no longer relevant. Poppycock.

The one with a very happy birthday indeed (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogIronically this is probably one birthday that will never be forgotten as it is of course the birthday that she got her very own pet tortoise. I wrote about Esio Trot here if you want to take a look but needless to say, she is completely besotted with him. Well, we all are actually. That is one present that I don’t think can ever be topped!

On the morning of her birthday, her little sister excitedly appeared with two carrier bags stuffed with presents that had been wrapped in paper napkins and masking tape. She had basically scavenged the toy boxes and book shelves and re-wrapped anything that she could lay her hands on until she ran out of masking tape. Quite possibly the sweetest gesture ever and the birthday girl thought it was hilarious. I love the relationship that these two have I really do.

The one with a very happy birthday indeed (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogObviously her gift of the tortoise was from her grandparents but she is the type of child who never asks for anything which actually has the effect of making you want to spoil her more. All she wanted from us for her birthday was the Awful Auntie book by David Walliams bless her. So when she woke up on Saturday morning (far too early I might add she is such an early bird) she came bounding into our bedroom to open her presents. She opened the carrier bags of tat first (at the insistence of her sister) then she moved on to her other ‘real’ presents and she was over the moon when last but not least she opened that precious book. But then we told her there was just one more thing that was a bit big to carry upstairs and she was totally flummoxed. We had actually bought her a bike and not just any old bike but a big shiny yellow one covered in woodland animals! You can imagine her squeals of delight, she had absolutely no idea and was already made up with her book! I couldn’t love this girl more!

The one with a very happy birthday indeed (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogMy daughter really doesn’t do fuss and a big party would be her worst nightmare but we had such a lovely day at home with a proper birthday tea party with her brother and sisters. In the afternoon we watched her new DVD of A Monster In Paris. We first caught this on TV last year and she absolutely loved it. To be fair it is a brilliant film. The hero is a misunderstood flea. Yes really. So you might see why she loves it so! Then for her birthday dinner, having had her fill of cucumber sandwiches at lunchtime she requested a rack of ribs! Talk about from one extreme to the other! That’s my girl!

The one with a very happy birthday indeed (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogMy daughter is animal mad as you might have guessed and she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She loves all animals but she particularly loves bugs and reptiles so I spent forever looking for toy lizards to decorate her cake with. Funnily enough, Waitrose didn’t have a lizard cake in their repertoire. In the end I found some crazily happy looking lizards from Melissa & Doug that were just perfect. And of course it means that she now gets to play with them too so much better than sickly sweet icing.

She had such a lovely birthday and seeing her so happy makes my heart sing. I always think that birthdays are a bigger celebration for us parents than the child but I honestly thank my lucky stars every single day that I get to call this girl my daughter. A very happy birthday indeed.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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