The one where I will never be this young again

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I have to confess that I’m not very big on birthdays. Other peoples birthdays I love. Mine? Not so much. But actually Timehop threw up an old blog post from five years ago today that really did make me smile and made me realise that maybe birthdays aren’t so bad after all.

Happy birthday Mummy Emma Bridgewater mug (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogI was whining (as I often did five years ago – surprise surprise!) about the fact that I was about to turn thirty three. THIRTY THREE! I was just a baby! That whole confidence thing that kicks in in your thirties clearly hadn’t quite happened yet. Although with me I’d say that it was more of an ability to give less of a fig than a confidence thing. Or maybe they’re the same thing? But anyway that whole ‘your thirties are the best years of your life’ thing still hadn’t quite clicked for me. At that point it all felt like a big fat fib.

All of those magazine articles that I had read over the previous ten years promised me that turning thirty would be like a magic wand. All of those insecurities that hampered my twenties would vanish overnight. But they didn’t, clearly. I was still waiting for everything to click into place at thirty three but I can’t even remember feeling this way now. Looking back, I can’t pinpoint when that whole thing happened but I suspect that it was more of a gradual process than the BOOM! that the magazine articles once promised me. And sitting here at almost thirty eight, I’m very much in the ‘the thirties are the best days of your life’ camp. Well they are definitely my best yet anyway. Funny, isn’t it?

I still stand by the fact that age is just a number though. It really is just a number. It doesn’t actually make me feel any older that’s for sure. I don’t think I’ll ever feel my age. I mean thirty eight sounds positively ancient, doesn’t it? Especially compared to my whines about turning thirty three for goodness sake. How can I possibly be thirty eight? But actually I’ve realised that most people never quite feel old enough to be a grown up. We’re all making it up as we go along and playing along at this whole being a grown up lark. And that’s okay. In fact I’m totally okay with the fact that so many other people feel just as unqualified to be a grown up as I do.

So tomorrow might happen to be my birthday but it is just another day. I will wake up technically a day older, not a whole year older. But just like any other day, I hope I will have a nice day. Mr Mostly has taken the day off work (he didn’t even take his own birthday off work!) so I’m thinking that actually it is already set to be a very nice day. There are plans for shopping and burgers and cake. And candles that lie and say that I’m twenty seven again. It’s a bit of a standing joke now that I never admit to my real age and one that has been baffling my nine year old daughter now that she can actually work out the maths. But actually I’m okay with the fact that I’m thirty eight. Honestly and truly. I’m old enough to know that I’ll never be this young again for starters and that in five years time, I’ll be looking back on this and wishing that I was only thirty eight! Ha!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

5 thoughts on “The one where I will never be this young again

  1. Daisy says:

    I’m completely with you there! I’m going to be 41 next month (40 was pretty nice actually – a good excuse to celebrate and be spoiled, whereas 41 seems too much like “in my forties” for my liking!), but still feel the same age I was when I met my husband, which was 17. And I’m quite happy about that! Who wants to feel “properly grown up” anyway? Have a fabulous birthday 🙂


  2. Jenny says:

    Tomorrow is also my birthday . I am going to be 33 . I have to say that although i am looking forward to some yummy birthday cake there is not quite the excitement as before . I definitely get more excited over my children’s birthdays than I do with my own x Happy Birthday for tomorrow 🎂


  3. Will says:

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Sarah!

    I’m not a big fan either, don’t enjoy celebrating getting old but have to put on that ‘pretend to enjoy your birthday’ face haha or at least that’s what I do anyway.

    Enjoy tomorrow – it’s just another day, every day should be enjoyed! 😀


  4. Karen Jones says:

    Ahh lovely Sarah, Happy Birthday for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what age you are as long as you live every moment, enjoy your family, be happy and find peace. I’m 53 this year and can’t believe how my life has flown by. I have for sure, more life behind me than ahead, its a sobering thought xxxx


  5. Susan Mann says:

    It is crazy getting older isn’t it? I don’t feel any older than I did when I was 22, but looking back you can see the differences and choices. Hope you had a wonderful birthday twinny x


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