The one where I’m back on the wagon

Last summer I was exercising most days and absolutely loving it. It’s so much easier to jump out of bed and grab those dumbbells in summer, isn’t it? And actually the more I exercised, the better I felt and the better I felt the more energy I had. It’s such a great feeling. Losing weight meant that I had so much more energy and I wasn’t exercising to lose more weight, I was doing it because it made me feel great. I’m sure it did help me to lose an extra inch or three along the way but that really wasn’t why I was doing it.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThis whole healthy lifestyle thing was never about a quick fix for me it was about taking proper care of my tired old body forever more. The numbers on the scales and the tape measure became less and less important. Sure, it felt good seeing the inches drop away on the outside but what became even more important was how I was feeling inside. Fitter. Stronger. Healthier.

So actually when I fell off the exercise wagon in about November last year, I didn’t beat myself up about it because I knew that I would be back to it one day. I was struck by lurgy after lurgy last winter it was just one thing after another. A lingering cold in November turned into laryngitis seeing me lose my voice completely (much to my childrens’ amusement I might add) I was then floored by full blown flu which saw me bed ridden in December. So not surprisingly I wasn’t really up for exercising, I could hardly lift up a cup of Lemsip never mind a dumbbell. Then came January in all its freezing gloominess and I guess as easy as I had fallen into the exercising pattern, I had fallen out of it.

But then by around March time, I was suddenly feeling a bit more alive again. Hello sunshine aren’t you just the best?! And I found myself raring to go again. I knew I would at some point. Maybe if I had seen myself gain weight I might have been back to it sooner, who knows but actually I’ve still steadily been losing weight. Just a pound a month which might not sound worth noting but proportionately, that’s great. I’m less than my target weight now and feeling better than ever so I couldn’t be happier.

I only weigh and measure myself once a month now and really just as a formality. Having only quite recently lost a lot of weight I still feel the need to keep an eye on it even though I know from the way that I feel that I have nothing to worry about. It sounds silly and I’m sure that one month I’ll forget to do it altogether and that will be the end of that. But I can’t help thinking though that had I kept a tiny eye on the scales a couple of years ago then I might not have piled on all of that weight in the first place so it’s maybe not a bad thing. But I digress. I’m back on the exercise wagon and it feels great. Like really great! There’s nothing quite like the smugness that comes from diving out of bed while the rest of the house sleeps to throw myself around to my Davina DVD. Love it.  L O V E  I T. 

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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