You know it is nearly the end of term when…

You know it is nearly the end of term when you are ready to collapse in a heap. Or is that just me? Schools have a way of attempting to fit everything into these last few weeks. Meanwhile I am drowning in notes and constantly feeling like I have forgotten something. Usually because I have. My to do list needs a to do list of its own. My poor calendar is fit to burst.

In these last few weeks all four children have school trips to go on. I swear school just want to squeeze every last penny put of me before summer. Here! Take my cheque book! Incidentally, the school are the only people who I ever write cheques to. Who uses cheques these days? I might as well just hand them my chequebook at the beginning of September and be had done with it. My son has a trip to Leeds Trinity University. It’s scary to think how soon he will be looking at universities for real eeek! My teenage daughter is going to Tate Liverpool in preparation for an AS Level course that she may or may not be doing come September. I’m sure it will be a good day anyway but preparing for a subject that you might not be taking? I’m not convinced. The two little ones have trips to a farm and somewhere else that I can’t quite remember off the top of my head. It’s in my diary somewhere. I hope.

End of school term (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThen my teenage daughter has a sixth form taster week that actually runs over hours and days scattered over three weeks. No I can’t work that one out either. But so far it has had the effect of her hating all of the options for sixth form that she was once so fixed on. So far so fun. Ahem.

Then of course we have the usual end of term stuff to somehow fit in. Sports day, reserve sports day, second reserve sports day (this is Yorkshire remember) SEN update meetings, SEN handing over meetings and the usual worry that comes with them. Then class transition days for the children, transition meetings for the parents and a transition picnic for all of us which is lovely in theory but Year 3 are preparing the food. Do you think I can ask them all individually if they have washed their hands? Shudder. Oh and I have sharing sessions to go to for the little ones too where they show me their books so I can see what they have been learning this term. No complaints for that one, I absolutely love going into school for this. Although we have been warned to bring a big carrier bag with us so I presume if we’re taking all of their books home, work is over for July? Pah!

Of course not only is there something happening every single day, you also have to contend with the level of exhaustedness that only comes with the end of term. The children are crawling to the end now and who can blame them? Plus of course the lack of usual school day routine for the little ones just leaves them not knowing if they are coming and going. They are frazzled. Add in the sunshine and it’s all a bit of a mess really. Not that I am complaining about summer finally being here no siree! But there is no denying that grappling tired hot little people sticky with sun tan lotion into the bath and trying to convince them to go to sleep while the sun is still shining and next doors children are still playing outside (loudly) until gone nine is not exactly fun. I can’t blame them for not having any of it really. Basically we need it to be the school holidays now. Let’s skip all of this busy nonsense, tear up the calendar and get on with enjoying long lazy days at home in the sun, yes? If only.

Nineteen days.

N i n e t e e n  d a y s.

Not that I’m counting.

(I am totally counting)

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

4 thoughts on “You know it is nearly the end of term when…

  1. kbmanc says:

    Yes to all of the above! I’m so frazzled with it all, it’s so difficult to keep track. To top it off we’ve received an email at 10.15 this morning for the children to dress up tomorrow for their Young Apprentice week! Somehow I’ve got to create a 9 year old Alan Sugar and a 6 year old Italian chocolatier by tomorrow morning!


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