P20 up for review

When the lovely people over at P20 sun protection got in touch asking if I would like to try out their range of lotions, I jumped at the chance having heard so many people rave about them before.

Whatever the day holds P20, the iconic once a day sun protection brand, makes it easy for all skin types to stay protected. It is active just 15 minutes after application and contains both UVA and UVB filters providing broad spectrum sun protection for up to 10 hours. The very water resistant formula is transparent, non-greasy, fragrance and paraben free, to provide the ultimate coverage in and out of the water.

P20 sun protection up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The original P20 SPF20 sun protection is available in a transparent lotion while SPFs 15, 30 and 50+ have been formulated with a lighter weight consistency and a spray format for ease of application. Personally I do prefer the spray lotions as they are so much easier to apply especially on to wriggly children. It just seems much less fuss than a traditional lotion. With mine being that bit older, I encourage them to apply their own lotion now and they prefer a spray application too. It has a really lovely light weight formula making even coverage simple. It is quickly absorbed too with none of the stickiness or messy white marks you get with thicker creams.

P20 is designed to ensure one application a day is sufficient, keeping time spent re-applying sun protection to a minimum. I must admit that this did feel strange at first but I soon got used to it! Sending them off knowing that they were protected for the day without worrying about them remembering to reapply is so much easier (especially when they are at school and you are not there to make sure they do it properly!) With younger children I remember all too well that just getting them to stay still long enough to slap that cream on is hard enough in the first place, never mind facing re-applying again later in the day. P20 really couldn’t be easier. Plus of course that once a day application goes a long way making P20 more economical than other sun protection products that need to be re-applied regularly during the day.

P20 is the perfect sun protection for the whole family when outdoors, at home and abroad. At the first sign of sunshine as a family, we are always out making the most of it whether that is on holiday or even just in the garden at home but not without wearing sun protection of course. I love that with P20 we are protected from the sun for the day in just one easy application. Having tried it and loved it, I can’t imagine using anything else now, I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

The P20 range is available in both 200ml and a travel friendly 100ml size from all major grocery and pharmacy retailers RRP £13.29/100ml or £24.49/£200ml. 

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was kindly sent press samples of the P20 range but all opinions here are of course my own. I only ever recommend brands that I hand on heart truly love.

2 thoughts on “P20 up for review

  1. Tracey says:

    The P20 range may be great but be careful not to get on towels as it leaves what looks like bleach marks


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