Mummy, mama, mum – what’s in a name?

Mummy, mum, mumsy, mommy, mama, moma, ma, mam, mammy, mami, maman, mother, mom…

Which one are you?

I am most definitely Mummy.

The other night as I was tucking my seven year old up in bed, she asked me if she will still have to call me Mummy when she is a big grown-up. To which I replied yes! If you want me to answer you you will! I asked her why she thinks my name will change when she gets older. She said that she thought she might call me Mum. Or even Sarah. Cheeky monkey! I asked her if she plans to change her name when she gets older and she screwed up her little nose in disgust and said of course not! Then why do you think that my name will change? I will always be Mummy to you, silly sausage!

Mummy, mama, mum - what's in a name? (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

It’s not that I particularly object to the name Mum as such, I think it’s more a case that I have been Mummy for over seventeen years. I know that a lot of children stop using Mummy and somewhere along the line it turns into Mum but personally I just don’t associate it with having babyish connotations. It’s just who I am. I see myself as Mummy and can’t imagine suddenly being called Mum. Not by my seven year old or her siblings.

Of course, she is not the first of my brood to broach this subject. I remember having a similar conversation with my son at probably around the same age as her. He used to complain that he was the only child in his class to call his parents Mummy and Daddy and I seem to remember just shrugging it off and saying tough. He’s seventeen now and still calls us Mummy and Daddy. Well to our faces at least. I’m sure he uses different names when he is talking about us to his friends *snort*

My nine year old on the other hand is at the other end of the spectrum. If somebody makes reference to her Mum she will say to them that she doesn’t have a Mum. Completely straight faced. Of course what she doesn’t explain is that she has a Mummy and so they are left thinking they have put their foot in it with this poor motherless child when in fact she is just a pedant. With a Mummy. It has been the cause of many interesting read awkward conversations in the playground before now god love her!

You could argue that it really doesn’t matter what your children call you. What’s in a name and all that? And I’d probably have to agree. Just not when it comes to me! Ha! The funny thing is that I can’t even remember how I ever became Mummy over say Mama, Mum or anything else for that matter so I’m not sure why I am quite so attached to it? But I am.

Sorry kids but Mummy is here to stay.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

8 thoughts on “Mummy, mama, mum – what’s in a name?

  1. notsupermum says:

    I used to be Mummy, but have been Mum for quite a few years now. I felt a bit sad when my girls started calling me Mum, although when it’s just the two of us my 15 yo still calls me Mummy x

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  2. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely says:

    I’m Mama but that’s because the boys were born in Switzerland and mummy’s not used over there. I’m really not so keen on Mum but I have a feeling that my cheeky eldest will try to go down the route of calling me Rachel because he already does if I don’t answer him the very moment he shouts me 🙂

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