Head over heels

I’ve never really been a shoe girl. Mostly because the jawdroppingly gorgeous ones always used to be sky high and somewhere along the line, I forgot how to walk in heels. I went through a phase of thinking that I had to wear them anyway and would hobble along with the grace of a heffalump. But at some point I thought stuff this and stopped wearing them altogether and embraced my love of flats. Of course this all came much easier with the arrival of statement flats. It suddenly became okay to wear shoes that you could actually walk in – yippee! And sacrificing the skyscraper heels no longer meant saying goodbye to the wowee factor – yay!

Now if there is one brand that have well and truly embraced the whole statement flats thing it is Boden. I can guarantee that every season will see the arrival of a new utterly gorgeous pair of shoes that I must have. One such pair of shoes was the Lille. I have been lusting after these since I first saw them being snapped by fellow bloggers at the press day what feels like months and months and months ago. I had to wait for them to hit the sale but boy oh boy were they worth the wait! At last the Lille flats are mine all mine!

Lille statement flats by Boden (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I stayed true to my magpie tendencies and went for the silver (of course) and they are just gorgeous. Perfect for brightening up my autumnal mummy uniform of skinny jeans. I’m one of those people who convinces herself that metallics are in fact neutral and go with everything. Same applies to leopard print in case you were wondering. But they really really do go with everything! I love these strappy beauties more than I possibly should but just look at them! I still can’t quite believe that they are finally mine *happy sigh*

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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