So long September

In my head, September always means new beginnings and fresh starts much more than January ever does. That whole back to school feeling is kind of infectious I guess. And an excuse to buy stationery that I don’t need. But the reality is that I feel like I have done nothing but chase my tail this year.

The children were late to go back to school (which I am not complaining about!) so the first week of September saw us going on holiday to the Lake District. It was so lovely to be able to get away at the last minute especially when so many people were already back at school. But actually I think that extra long (and extra lovely) holiday made going back to school even harder. After such a lazy summer, the whole back to school routine hit me like a truck. Ugh.

All that getting everybody up and out of the house business feels so much harder than it should. I’ve been doing this for over thirteen years now, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. Knowing where everyone is supposed to be on any one day. Diary full to bursting, alarms set on my phone so I don’t forget who I am picking up from where at what time on which day. Having four children is a logistical nightmare (even when two of them are supposedly old enough to see to themselves it never quite happens without a kick up the backside from Mummy!) Back to school means back to clubs, extra curricular activities, homework ohmygodfathersthehomework, friends over to play, going over to friends to play, birthday parties… Life was just so much simpler in the summer. Sigh.

So long September (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

And of course there is the weather. I’m British, I can’t not mention the weather. My sandals have long since been packed away but I’m not quite ready to get my boots out just yet. September is for thinking about boots, October is for wearing. Those are my rules. Once they are out, they are out for a very long time. Same applies to 100 denier opaques. If the weather could just make its mind up though, that would lovely thank you. It is Autumn. I haven’t put my legs away for nothing. I demand bright mornings with crisp leaves underfoot not warm-ish one day, cold the next (but mostly foggy which serves no other purpose than to ruin my hair for the day)

Hmmm maybe I romanticise September in my head? In more ways than one? Do I have ridiculously high expectations of what September should be? Is it always bound to disappoint? Or maybe, just maybe, October is where it is at really. Oh I do hope so.

So long September. Hello October.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

3 thoughts on “So long September

  1. Marylin (@MarylinMuir) says:

    I always get a bit confused with September.
    How many layers should I wear? Should I wear boots yet? Maybe it’s warm enough to not wear a jacket today? Or maybe it’s cold enough to wear a winter coat?
    It’s one of those months I look forward to being over and done with to be honest!
    Roll on October and Proper Autumn I say!


  2. Susan Mann says:

    I love Autumn and we have having some unseasonably warm weather up here. We have had sun. I do love the crisp, cold, breath seeing, but sunny mornings Autumn brings. September just flew past. Looking forward to the boots x


  3. mummyofboygirltwins says:

    Ahhh this is all to come for me. So far I am delighted that the twins are at preschool a few mornings a week; there’s no homework or stress of friends as yet! The routine is rather nice at the moment. I hate the darker nights setting in so I’m hoping this warm weather lasts a little longer! Looking forward to the fashion though 🙂 Jess xx


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