What I Wore: The Winter Coat Edition

So last week I went out shopping for a sensible new winter coat..
..and then this happened

What I Wore Wednesday: The Winter Coat Edition (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I spotted this coat in TopShop a few weeks ago but resisted on the grounds that I really couldn’t afford to buy this just for fun and that I should really use that money to buy a sensible winter coat. So I called in last week just to look at it (and maybe give it a stroke because that’s a completely normal thing to do) before going about my sensible coat shopping business for the day. I thought I might as well try it on. Just for fun. Oh who was I kidding, that coat was always coming home with me. The fact that I could fit into a size 10 from TopShop sealed the deal. That and the nod from Mr Mostly who promised me that there wasn’t even a hint of mutton about it and even if there was, if something makes you smile that much then you really should buy it.

Who needs a sensible winter coat when you can have a leopard print one anyway? I already have sensible winter coats. A whole rack of sensible coats. Off the top of my head I have a lovely smart black frock coat, a belted grey mac, a full length camel coat and two – yes two – Boden rainy day macs. (The ultimate mum coat in case you were after a sensible coat for the school run by the way. I love mine hence the need for two prints!) You see, just about the only coat I didn’t own was a furry leopard print one. I don’t think I have ever loved a coat so much in my life. Leopard print is my favourite and my best. I’ll still be wearing this long after the TopShop crowd have deemed it unfashionable. Leopard print will never not be in style for me.

There’s a time and place in life to be sensible. Like that time I found the perfect length frock coat that always looks smart even if I spill tomato soup down my dress at lunchtime. Or when I found a bargainous belted grey mac in Primark. Or when I put that full length camel coat away knowing that I would fit into it again one day. Or when I snapped up a Boden rainy day mac in the sale. Twice. Sensible, sensible, sensible, sensible. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s time to give in to the lure of furry leopard print. Knowing that it will put a smile on your face every single time you where it. Now that my friends is really very sensible.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

14 thoughts on “What I Wore: The Winter Coat Edition

  1. tracykuhn says:

    I bought a leopard print coat recently too. My 14 yr old rolled her eyes at me when I showed her, which kind of adds to its appeal 🙂 But I have plenty of proper, grown up coats.
    Love this one though, it deserves to be on display at all times and stroked every day. Enjoy! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Innocent Charmer says:

    I am so glad you bought this, it is perfect for you and you rock it.

    Secondly I have to huge HI5 to Mr Mostly, he is amazing, what a thing to say, just perfect xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. notsupermum says:

    You look lovely, and definitely not mutton at all. Alas if anyone in our house wears anything with leopard print (The Teenager is very fond of an animal print) my brother always mutters ‘Bet Lynch’ under his breath.

    Liked by 1 person

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