The one with the nativity

Ahh it wouldn’t be Christmas without the nativity play, would it? It normally falls slap bang in the middle of the busiest week in December when you have a million things to do before the children all break up from school but actually I quite like that in the middle of all the mayhem, you are forced to take that time out and just sit back and enjoy. Nothing quite like it to make you make you remember the spirit of Christmas.

I could joke that your mummy has to be head of the PTA for you to plump the treasured role of Mary or Joseph. But I’d only be half joking. My teacher friend once told me that she always give the best parts to the children with the parents most likely to kick off. You think all of this stuff is an urban myth until your own children start school and you have the pleasure of meeting these parents in the playground. And by meeting of course, I mean hiding from like the plague.

The one with the nativity play (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Then the day of the nativity arrives and you get there nice and early to find the school hall is already packed. Seriously, what time do these people get here? I swear they must camp out. Those much coveted front row seats are undoubtedly reserved by the mummy mafia. Not even the grandpa that arrived a day too early stands a chance. But it’s okay, he’ll squeeze in somewhere and spend the whole of the play trying to work out which child he is supposed to be waving at because he has his wrong glasses on.

On first glance though, the front row will be empty bar one seat and you’ll think maybe it’s your lucky year. But you soon realise that one poor sap as drawn the short straw to save the rest of the seats for the mummy mafia while they busy themselves taking the best biscuits from the tea tray before swanning in to take the best seats in the house at the last minute. The reserving of seats drives me  I N S A N E  can you tell? It’s just not on. If you are lucky enough to get there and bag yourself a front row seat, good on you. But getting some poor sap to save you a seat? So unfair.

The one with the nativity play (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

So there you are, squashed at the back of a packed school hall and hopefully not behind the dad who insists on standing up for the whole performance to record the whole thing on his iPad without caring that he is blocking everyones view. But at least he has his memories saved forever, eh?

This has quickly turned into a post about how much I hate other parents, hasn’t it? And to be fair, that would be true. Well, not all parents obviously. Just most of them. Ahem. But actually, I do love me a nativity. Even after all of these years. Our primary school tends to do a Christmassy play with a traditional nativity squeezed somewhere in the middle. And having four children over ten years means that I have seen each version at least twice I swear they must be on rotation. But I love it!

I can never get over just how brave they are getting up there on the stage. There is always at least one shepherd picking his nose. And a donkey in an itchy suit who really doesn’t want to be there. But that moment when you catch your own child’s eye across a crowded hall and wave like a loon is just priceless. Those sing songy little voice never fail to reduce me to tears, it doesn’t even have to be my own children singing. Gets me every time.

Happy nativity to one and all. Goodwill to all men and all that. Even the most annoying of parents.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

10 thoughts on “The one with the nativity

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    Pahahahaaaa this made me laugh so hard and I’m trying to rock a baby to sleep!! There is one someone both the OH and I both try to avoid like the plague. I would happily dive behind the huge bins to get away if it wasn’t for E in the sling I have on. I think I need to master doing it somehow 😉


  2. Amanda Masters (@girlgonecoastal) says:

    Oh my gosh yes!
    I saw my twins Christmas play this week and it just cemented my dislike of other parents. Our school now issue tickets with a seat number, but of course the mummy mafia managed to snag the front row, again!
    Thankfully we managed to avoid ‘mouth almighty’ possibly the loudest mum in the entire world, but the stand up parents and ipads were out in full force to block any views, being a smidgen over 5 foot I find this obnoxiously rude, all I want for Christmas is to watch the Christmas play!


  3. mousedogbaby says:

    I’m both looking forward to and dreading the days when Iris is in a Christmas play! We’re off tonight to see the bigger kids in theirs, but it’s in the big school down the road from the primary school, and they have proper theatre seats that get higher further back, so the iPad idiots aren’t a problem. The iPad has a rubbish camera on it anyway. Just use a camera, people! I expect I’ll be completely distracted by trying to keep Iris in or near our seats. I’ve never taken a toddler to a play before! Eek!


  4. helenlouisechandler says:

    Anna’s is next week. The song she has been busily rehearsing all week is ‘Rock Around the Clock’, and I’m not sure quite how that fits into the nativity, but I guess all will be revealed…No doubt I’ll also be reduced to floods of tears by Away in a Manger as well. I missed last year’s, as I was in hospital after a nativity of my own, so I’m especially looking forward to being there this year.


  5. PhotoPuddle says:

    I love school nativities. Possible one of the best things about Christmas. I am always so proud and will tear up at least once during the performance and not always at my own child. It is my son’s pre-school nativity this weekend which is basically just singing dressed up in nativity costumes. It is the cutest thing in th world.


  6. Kim Carberry says:

    hahaha! You have got this spot on! My friends and I managed to bag the front row seats in front of the “mummy mafia”….I would have loved to have turned around and went “ha ha”….Petty I know but it’ the first time in my first time in about 10 years of school plays my view wasn’t blocked by them. hehehe


  7. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    This is such a perfect description of the event and even though your kid may not do to well and if mine thumbs up whilst standing on stage (the shame) it doesn’t seem to matter as they are super brave for doing it and they are cute xx


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