The one with the new hair

I had highlights in my hair for years and years and years. For so long in fact that I fell into a rut of not knowing what else to do with my hair so I would maybe go a shade lighter or a shade darker but I just kept on having them. At great expense it has to be said. I reached a point where I realised that dying my hair because I didn’t know what else to do with it, wasn’t really reason enough to keep on doing it. Plus there was the small matter of my hair becoming so weak from all those years of bleach that it was literally breaking off *sob*

A couple of years ago, my hairdresser said that I needed to decide if I wanted long hair or blonde hair. And there was no contest of course it had to be long hair for me. I couldn’t even remember what colour my own hair was and I really didn’t want to dye away the highlights so I took a punt on growing them out instead. For my last couple of highlight appointments I had the colour toned right down and for about eighteen months now, I have slowly been growing out the blonde and going back to my own natural mousey brown. It has actually worked quite well and the result has been more ombre than bad roots but I think that was just luck more than anything!

Anyway I’m rambling. What I really wanted to tell you about was my trip to a new salon this week. That’s right. A. New. Salon. I think this was quite possibly the bravest thing I have ever done. I have had the same hairdresser do my hair for over fifteen years now. Eeek. But it was time to move on. And in a bid to make life easier (and also save some pennies) I went along to a lovely salon in my village this week. I was ridiculously nervous. But it was fine. More than fine in fact.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

My new stylist completely got what I wanted to do with my hair. Where the highlights are still growing out on the ends, my hair was really split and damaged. I needed a really good trim to keep it healthy but I really didn’t want to lose too much length. She did the most amazing job. My hair feels so much better. My hair is naturally a wavy frizzy mess and can be a bugger to blow dry but she did a fantastic job without so much as a straightening iron in sight. She more than passed the test!

There was just one slight teeny weeny hitch though. I thought I was being good by saving some pennies and going to a village salon for a £38 hairdo (I won’t tell you how much I used to pay for my hair doing at my old salon through fear of Mr Mostly seeing and having a heart attack) but I somehow ended up spending £83 on products. OHMYGODFATHERS WHO KNEW THAT A BIT OF SHAMPOO COULD COST THAT MUCH?! But it is made with caviar. Or Unicorn tears. Or something. And actually one of my very favourite beauty bloggers Strawberry Blonde has since promised me that it is truly amazing stuff and I won’t be disappointed.

Totally nailing this whole thrifty thing as ever. But just look at my new hair! *swish*

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

2 thoughts on “The one with the new hair

  1. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    Do you know I kept thinking your hair was looking darker in pics on IG, it looks beautiful and I am so glad it worked out, products are just so hard not to be tempted by, its only a one off though – well until they run out xxxx


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