The one with the day off

My youngest two are off school today with the most random teacher training day ever on a Tuesday in the last week of term?! I half hope that the teachers are sloping off to the pub in their Christmas jumpers for a spot of ‘team building’ for the day. They certainly deserve it!

I must admit though that it’s quite nice to have what will be a manic week for the children broken up a bit. (Although I do suspect that I might not be quite so laid back about it all if I wasn’t feeling so organised myself. This is usually my manic week getting everything done before they break up from school. Not this year of course. I’m all ready bar the food and even that is all planned out. I worked my socks off in November to enjoy my December so I deserve to feel the tiniest bit smug. Let’s face it, it’s a first for me!)


Even though this term always seems to go really fast for us grown ups, it is actually a really long stretch at seven-ish weeks. November is the only full month that mine are at school! It’s at this time of year though in the last week or so of term that the playground suddenly becomes a sea of pale little faces and some lurgy or other has them dropping like flies. I think this is the first year ever that I haven’t had anybody at home poorly. Fingers crossed we make it until the end of the week!

They still have so much to fit in this week and I’m in danger of sounding like the The Fun Police here but it can get a bit too much when they are so little. Nativity plays, Christmas carols, class parties, toy days… My nine year old in particular really struggles with the lack of usual school routine in these last few days. I wish they could somehow wrap the fun over a couple of days rather than a whole week, the kids might not end up quite so frazzled at the end of it then. And now I really do sound like The Fun Police! Ha!

So today in the midst of all the chaos, we plan to do nothing with our bonus day off. A lazy day at home eating fish finger sandwiches and curling up with a Christmas film this afternoon. We bought our tree yesterday – it is an absolute beauty! I moved the furniture around three times trying to decide where it should go. And one broken back later I decided it looked best in a spot that didn’t need me to move any furniture at all. Ahem. Last night I wanted to enjoy the tree just as it was in all its natural beauty but tonight we will decorate it when everybody gets home. Possibly my most favourite night of the year.

Happy Tuesday folks!

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4 thoughts on “The one with the day off

  1. PhotoPuddle says:

    That certainly wins the prize for the most random inset day ever!
    And I know what you means about so much going on. There is pretty much something to remember every day at the moment. Today was elf day! I think we are all ready for nice chilled out Christmas holiday.


  2. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    Sounds like a perfect day, I am a little jealous, I really want a day with Addison all to myself.
    Addy too struggles with this out of school routine at the end of term, she is definately ready for the break I think xxx


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