Christmas Table Decorations

My lovely friend Emily is one of my very favourite people to stalk on Instagram. None more so than at Christmas when she has the whole family and feasting thing down to an absolute tee. When I saw her making some table decorations the other day, I told her right there and then that I was totally going to copy her.


Just a tea light in a jam jar with a little off cut of Christmas tree tied to the lid. Such a simple idea but it looks so effective. Emily used brown string on hers which I absolutely love but my ball of string is in the shed at the bottom of the garden. And it’s raining today. And I just happened to straighten my hair this morning. So I tied mine with some Cath Kidston ribbon that came with some tea towels that I bought. The ribbon was too pretty to throw away so I stashed it away in a kitchen drawer knowing that it would come in handy one day. And look, it really did!

Happy feasting folks. Especially those of you celebrating the Winter Solstice today!

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