Happy Twixmas

I was going to say that we have had a lovely Christmas, but actually we are still having a lovely Christmas!

I love the inevitable hustle and bustle of those last few days before Christmas, don’t you? They already seem like a lifetime ago but all of that rushing about getting around to see everybody for the last minute exchanging of gifts and of course the food shopping. I absolutely love doing the Christmas food shop. I know most people dread it but it’s my favourite shop of the year. Yes, the supermarkets are always busy but feasting is such a huge part of Christmastime for me. Nothing makes me more excited than pushing that trolley around and thinking ahead to all the yummy food that we’re about to eat. Or coming home to play fridge tetris. There is no fridge tetris quite like Christmas fridge tetris!


Christmas Eve was a lovely relaxing day at home. The teen snuck off to see her boyfriend for an hour or two in the afternoon while the rest of us watched A Christmas Carol. Then in the evening we had party food before getting ready for Santa. My seven year old is at that age where she still believes without question. My nine year old had her bubble burst by some little rat at school last year sadly. She already had her doubts but they confirmed them for her. But actually she very much wanted to believe this year so she still went along with it all. Maybe for my benefit? Or maybe the whole ‘if you believe you will receive’ thing has really stuck with her? To be fair, I’m 38 and my Dad still says that to me! Ha! Anyway doubts aside, I tucked up two very excited little people to bed that night.

Christmas Day was just lovely. We had an 8 o’clock-ish start which was rather nice! We opened our stockings from Santa upstairs in bed before coming down to open our presents under the tree. We were hosting Christmas dinner this year and a bit of forward planning went a very long way I actually enjoyed every minute of it. After a tough year, it was nice to be able to do this for my parents. They really didn’t feel up to Christmas this year and it was the least that I could do when I think of all the years that they have hosted Christmas for us. I was in my absolute element though planning all of the food and laying the table just so. There was so much love squeezed around our kitchen table that day it was just lovely. And that’s not just the champagne talking!


We had a lazy start to Boxing Day and when everybody eventually surfaced, I made the most amazing bubble and squeak from our Christmas Day leftovers. Then later in the evening we went to a family party as we do every year. It’s the one time of the year that this side of my family all get together and most of us don’t see each other from one Boxing Day to the next so it is always a special day.

Yesterday though on the Sunday we purposely planned a day of nothingness. I think we got through at least three films (in between a nana nap or two and a mountain of cheese) and built lots of the girls’ new Lego sets. I love these days between Christmas and New Year. Everybody is at home and it’s the one holiday when we all truly switch off. It’s amazing how quickly we all slide into sloth mode but there’s something utterly wonderful about never quite knowing what day it is. I’m sure at some point the need to blow away the cobwebs will kick in and we’ll haul ourselves away from the Quality Street for a nice country walk. Just not yet. We’re happy in our little Christmas bubble right now.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Twixmas

  1. mousedogbaby says:

    Sounds like you had a really relaxed christmas! We’re still very much in christmas mode here too, especially with the eating! I’m very grateful that nobody in my house has to work during the in between bit this year. It’s nice to have a long extended festive break. Happy new year!

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