The one with the fashion rules

I’m not big on fashion rules. Why should anybody but me get to decide if or how I should wear something? I don’t think so! The thing with fashion is, that it is ever changing. And terribly fickle. But surely that’s the very thing that we love about it the most? Some of the rules change with the seasons of course. One thing that is acceptable one month might not be the next. We should banish the rules for the confusion that they bring alone.

But some rules seem to stick around for a little longer of course and are ingrained into our fashionable little heads even if we don’t necessarily agree with them let alone abide by them. That old chestnut of if you wore it the first time around, then you are too old to be wearing it this time around for example. What a load of tosh. If I stuck to that rule, I wouldn’t be wearing very many clothes right now as the high street currently looks like my wardrobe circa 1993.

The one with the fashion rules (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Fashions come and go and then right back around again. I’m now at an age where I can see just how quickly that full circle happens and I’m not ready to give up on fashion just yet. Or ever in fact. It has taken me until my thirties to really know what clothes I like and what suits me. Gone are the days that I follow the rules and just wear what a magazine tells me I should. It’s hard to believe that I was ever such a sheep – what a waste of the figure that I had in my twenties by drowning it in clothes that didn’t suit me! But having taken so long to find my own style, no way am I letting it go. My outfits might not be worthy of a magazine shoot (or even a blog post most days to be fair) but my style is just that – mine.

That said, there are moments when you find yourself in Topshop trying on pinafores thinking that maybe this is how a midlife crisis starts. One of those can I really pull this off moments? I decided that actually, I couldn’t quite pull off the pinafore thing. Or at least not this particular pinafore. As gorgeous as it looked on the hanger, I felt like a farm hand wearing it. It made me feel thick around the middle and I like to think that my middle isn’t all that bad considering that I’ve housed four human beings in there and am knocking on forty. It was the pinafore not the middle aged middle that was wrong. And it definitely didn’t get left behind because I wore it the first time around. Oh no.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

5 thoughts on “The one with the fashion rules

  1. Loveyourlifeandlive says:

    I do love pinafores, I used to wear a gorgeous black Laura Ashley one for work, it was comfortable, smart and easy to wear. I do understand your decision, if it doesn’t flatter your assets then leave it behind….. From the photos it looks great on you, but if you feel like a farm hand in it, better to leave it on the hanger as I’m sure that’s not the look you were aiming for!! Ps I also wore them the first time around.

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  2. The White Approach (@Mrs_Karen_Jones) says:

    Totally agree with the no rules thing. I’ like you spent far too much of my skinny, young years wearing truly awful trends. luckily I saw the light in my 20’s and discovered the classic bretton top !! Been in it ever since. You look gorgeous in your pinafore and loving the new look blog xxx

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