January 2016: This month, I have mostly been reading

January 2016: This month I have mostly been reading (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

January must surely be the longest month of the year. I swear they sneaked a couple of extra weeks in there somewhere? But in a bid to banish the January blues, I spent the month trying to be kind to myself and one of the ways I did that was by spending afternoons curled up under a blanket with my favourite ginger cat and a good book. I’m normally such a night owl but I have also taught myself the pleasure of going to bed ridiculously early with a cup of tea to fall asleep with a book. Easily pleased I know but the simple pleasures are always the best, right?

I’ve never read any Sylvia Plath before thinking that it would be lost on me somehow but the thing with having a daughter study English Lit is that she makes me read things that I might not usually consider. Usually by pulling a face which says I can’t believe that you have got to thirty eight with reading this mother! She recommended Girl, Interrupted to me last year and I absolutely loved it so she thought it was about time I tackled The Bell Jar too and she was right. A true modern classic and all that. Although I think I appreciated it more at thirty eight than I might have done at sixteen I have to confess to finding it a little disjointed as a novel. I’m still glad I read it though. It’s never too late to go back and read all of those books that you should have read years ago.

Next we have The Year of Living Danishly which was recommended to me by my writer friend Rachael Lucas who knows my taste down to a tee because I absolutely loved it! The book itself is fascinating but I also loved Helen Russell’s writing style it felt like catching up with an old friend. Oh and it seems that I have been doing the whole hygge thing before I even knew that it was a thing. Maybe I have a bit of Viking in me somewhere? I’m going to be recommending this book to anyone that will listen though it really was brilliant. I’ve passed it on to Mr Mostly to read and I suspect he’ll be booking flights to emigrate to Denmark by the time he finishes it!

Mr Mostly bought me Little Women and Good Wives for Christmas. He had no idea that this is (yet another) classic book that I have never got around to reading he just went into a bookshop and in his words, went to the clever section and picked something that he thought I would like from reading the blurb. It’s probably the most thoughtful gift he has ever bought me without even realising it! I am so glad that I have finally read it but I have to say that I think a much younger me would have enjoyed it even more than the cynical old me. Buy hey, another classic ticked off the list.

And last but by no means least we have Moving by Jenny Eclair which was absolutely superb. If you haven’t read any of her books before, you need to! Read them all in fact! She is such an incredible writer and not at all what you might expect if you only really know her for her comedy. This was a brilliant story and it unfolded beautifully. Definitely my favourite book this month.

So there we have it. What have you been reading this month?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

10 thoughts on “January 2016: This month, I have mostly been reading

  1. KittNoir says:

    Little Women is s glorious book! The Bell Jar is brilliant but messed with my head. Funnily I was debating whether to start The Year of Living Danishly? Xx


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