World Book Day 2016

There’s nothing quite like finding a crumpled up letter at the bottom of a book bag telling me that it is World Book Day to fill me with absolute dread. The book bit is lovely of course, it’s the dressing up but that I’m useless at.

My eldest two were never that bothered about World Book Day when they were at primary school. My poor son hated getting dressed up and happily went as Horrid Henry for seven years straight. Seriously. My daughter was happy enough cobbling something together out of old Halloween costumes. It’s surprising how many times you can get away with being a cat! Ha!

My youngest two absolutely love dressing up though. I can’t help but feel sorry for them being stuck with me to help them to come up with a costume the poor things! We have a chest of dressing up things so we tend to have a dig and try to come up with something together that isn’t a Disney princess. And I try and steer them away from anything too ambitious. Oh I’m terrible, aren’t I?


But here we are anyway. Veruca Salt and Gangsta Granny. I don’t think we did too badly? I’m quite sure at least one of them has been Veruca Salt before but we won’t dwell on that. But I am rather proud of my dry shampoo brainwave to create grey hair for Gangsta Granny. You see, my drawers and drawers of beauty lotions and potions do come in handy for something!

Now I know my efforts don’t exactly scream that mummy must have been up all night making those costumes but all that matters is that I sent two very happy girls off to school this morning. They have no idea how useless I am and that suits me just fine thank you.

Happy World Book Day folks!

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