Mesa Sunrise up for review

Mesa Sunrise, the best-kept secret in gluten-free cereal, is now available nationally in every British supermarket chain – reflecting the amazing fact that 60% of all households now buy ‘free-from’ foods. I was sent some to try out and I have to say that it was a huge hit with me (and the kids who quickly snaffled the lot!)

With Britons now spending a staggering £100m more on these type of products than they did a year ago, which is a 26.9% increase, Mesa Sunrise’s success isn’t just down to being bought by people who are gluten-intolerant, or who suffer from coeliac disease. Instead most people now buying it are doing so for healthier lifestyle reasons and I would count myself as one of those. In fact, 99% of those who purchase gluten-free products in the UK are non-sufferers.

Nature's Path Organic Gluten Free Mesa Sunrise cereal up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

Mesa Sunrise, which is also organic, proves that ‘gluten-free’ doesn’t have to be taste-free. In fact it is quite the opposite. These delicious and crispy multigrain flakes are made with corn, buckwheat and flaxseed, plus the ancient grains of quinoa and amaranth. You would be forgiven for thinking that the latter two are flash in the pan fashionable ‘health foods’ but in actual fact, both are considered superfoods that have provided mankind with essential vitamins, nutrients and fibre for thousands of years.

This tasty cereal is packed full of yummy ingredients. Flaxseed – also known as linseed, one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Rich in fibre, essential minerals and antioxidants. Buckwheat – not actually a type of wheat. The edible portion is a seed from a plant related to rhubarb, sorrel and dock. Quinoa – has a lovely nutty taste. Boasts more nutrients than any other grain – plus more fibre than brown rice. It’s also a ‘complete’ protein since it has all nine essential amino acids and is among the least allergenic of all grains. Amaranth – one of the world’s oldest crops and revered by the Aztecs and the Incas who believed it had supernatural powers. i don’t know about that but it is mild and malty in taste!

Mesa Sunrise is available in supermarkets, good independants and health food stores now RRP £3.00/355g. You can find out more over at or follow them over on Twitter as @NaturesPathUK 

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was kindly provided with samples of Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereals 

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