The one with all of the glitter

Every year our school hold an Easter egg decorating competition. Well, apart from that year when Easter crept up on us a bit soon and the headmaster forgot. But this year was not that year. So over the weekend, we dug out every tube of glitter that we own and set to work.

Easter egg decorating competition (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

My nine year old made this amazing mermaid out of a toilet roll and some sequins then the egg was transformed into a pearl with the help from a bit of tin foil and glitter. You can’t quite make it out in this photo but it is in a real shell that came with smoked salmon mousse from Marks and Spencer. We saved the shells not knowing what we would ever use them for but hoping that they might come in handy one day! Ha! She stuck down some tissue paper to make sand at the bottom of the box which is actually an old Birchbox of mine. We are resourceful if nothing else!

My eight year old went old skool and decorated not one but four eggs as baby chicks. The googly eyes were icing ones that we had left over from some Halloween baking but they worked really well. What you can’t really see here is just how much glue went into this basket. She is definitely a more is more kind of girl and she finished it off with a liberal sprinkling of glitter ‘to soak up some of the glue’ in her words. Oh my days. I was sent the pretty Easter basket from Aldi as part of a promotion that I worked with them on a couple of weeks ago but it made the perfect little nest. You see, this blogging lark does come in handy sometimes!

I have to say that there was a time when the Easter egg competition used to fill me with dread. I never thought of myself as being the crafty sort and always felt sorry for my poor children having me to help them. But this pair absolutely love sticking and making and their enthusiasm really is infectious. Our efforts have definitely got better over the years but to be fair, I think that is solely down to them getting older and better at it, nothing to do with me! I did give them a tiny bit of help to come up with their ideas but the making bit was all down to them. And didn’t they do a brilliant job? Unfortunately, neither of them won but from what I saw on the playground, they were up against some pretty stiff competition this year. But as we all know, it really is the taking part that counts. And they couldn’t be prouder of their little selves.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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