Hello toes!

That lovely spell of weather? Yeah, you have me to thank for that. I can’t guarantee how long it will last mind so just enjoy it while it does, eh? You see, the sun came out especially for me because I was sent these new fancy sandals to review from Jones Bootmaker.

Hello toes! It has been a while!

Birkenstock Arizona from Jones Bootmaker up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

For over 150 years, Jones Bootmaker has created high-quality, stylish collections of boots and shoes. Alongside their exclusive own-brand footwear and accessories range, they are also proud to bring the latest styles from some the most respected footwear brands with everything from Fitflop sandals to Converse shoes and as you can see, Birkenstock sandals. I have to say that I was spoilt for choice when I was asked to pick something to review, they really do have it all. And not just for women but there is also a great range of men’s and children’s footwear too. In the end though, I just couldn’t resist this pair of black Birkenstock Arizona sandals.

Birkenstock Arizona from Jones Bootmaker up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The thing that I love about these sandals is that they will see me through the whole summer. Great for sunshiny days of course but they are also perfect for cooler days too worn with trousers or jeans. (For those days when you can brave getting your toes out but not much else!) Nothing quite says summer to me like a new pair of Birkenstocks!

I have had these sandals in white before but I particularly love the Arizona in black leather. I think the black leather together with the black fastenings look really stylish. (As does every other fashion blogger that I follow on Instagram if their photos are anything to go by! Ha!) The classic double strap sandal is my ideal summer Birkenstock style they will never go out of fashion for me. Priced at £60 they might not be the cheapest of sandals but I really do think that they are worth every penny. They are a really sturdy sandal. A proper stomping around for the whole of the summer kind of sandal.

If you have had Birkenstocks before then you won’t need me to tell you just how comfortable they are. The double straps adjust for comfort so you can get them to fit just so. They are specially designed for the natural form of the foot to allow freedom of movement and all round support. The Birkenstock footbed actually distributes the weight of the body evenly for comfort and well being making Birkenstocks the healthy choice. All this, while looking blummin’ gorgeous to boot!

I love them. Absolutely love them!

Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was kindly provided with this pair of Birkenstock Arizona sandals from Jones Bootmaker but all opinions and toes shown here are of course all my own

6 thoughts on “Hello toes!

  1. @ADadCalledSpen says:

    A friend of mine used to swear by her Birkenstocks. Said they were the most comfortable things. Ever. I’m not sure they do them for guys do they? I need a new pair of sandals.


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