Breakfast at Bettys with my favourite bearded man

Mr Mostly and I often sneak off together while the children are all at school. Sometimes out for lunch, often just for coffee. There is something so lovely about those snatched moments together during the day. At one point, it was an almost weekly thing but just lately it hasn’t even been a monthly thing. Such is life of course. It is one of those things that we can’t always plan for but we do try to grab every opportunity however small whenever we can.

I must admit that I always struggle with that first Monday back to school after a holiday. That week off school absolutely flew by, it just didn’t feel long enough. I don’t think a week ever does really, does it? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pinch a week from the summer break and add it on to this May holiday? Anyway, with all four children packed off to school on Monday morning I was determined not to feel too down in the dumps so we planned a trip to Ikea to buy new furniture for our bedroom. I know that isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, but it is mine! I can’t tell you how long we’ve waited to redecorate our room, it is so long overdue that I could cry with joy! Anyway, romantic devil that I am, I suggested that we had breakfast at Ikea while we were there but Mr Mostly being much better at this lark than I am, said no, let’s go to Bettys before we go instead. WELL OKAY THEN!

Breakfast at Bettys Tea Room in Ilkley (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I think Bettys is quite possibly my favourite place on earth. The Ilkley tea room is so light and bright and airy with the friendliest staff in the whole of Yorkshire (plus you can always get a seat straight away!) We both chose the Swiss Breakfast Rosti and oh my godfathers it was out of this world. It is basically a potato and Gruyère cheese rosti the size of your plate piled with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and a perfectly poached egg. Heaven on a plate let me tell you. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we were eyeing up the cake trolley and debating whether or not it would be wrong to have dessert after breakfast. As it happens, we were both too stuffed for cake after we cleared our plates, so we took home half of the shop with us instead. You can’t visit Bettys and not take a Fat Rascal or six home – it’s the law!

Fat Rascal from Bettys (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

It was such a treat to go to Bettys and of course, being there with my favourite bearded man was the best bit of all. We had such a dreamy morning together. And then we headed over to Ikea to finally buy the furniture for our bedroom. Oh the romance! Couples that build flat pack furniture together, stay together, or something like that. Or it could just be that a full belly and extra hanging space is the way to this girls heart? Ha!

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