The one with the fancy knobs

Our bedroom is currently getting a much needed and long overdue makeover. I must admit that our bedroom is probably the most neglected room in the whole house. Always the last to be decorated and often used as dumping ground for all of that stuff that doesn’t seem to have a home but enough is enough, I’m finally reclaiming the space for us.

When we first moved here almost ten years ago, we had a bit of a nightmare with our wardrobes as the previous owners gave us the wrong ceiling height measurements meaning that they didn’t fit. We moved from an old Edwardian terrace with crazily high ceilings to a new-ish build and I had a feeling that they wouldn’t fit and as it turned out, I was right. Their measurements were completely out and the things wouldn’t even stand up. The day of the move had been impossibly stressful and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Anyway in short, I ended up giving thousands of pounds worth of wardrobes to one of the removal guys and sent Mr Mostly straight to IKEA to buy temporary wardrobes as we had rails and rails of clothes and nowhere to put them. Roll on nearly ten years and we still had what were only ever meant to be temporary wardrobes. Ugh.

Mr Mostly went for the basic PAX wardrobes in an oak finish back then thinking they were the safest option and he was right. They were perfectly fine in fact so much so that they were still standing ten years later. It was just that I really didn’t like the oak finish anymore and wanted a new fresher look for the room. Impressed by just how well these ‘cheap’ wardrobes had lasted though, we headed straight back to IKEA when it came to buying the new furniture for our room last week. We chose the PAX system again for the wardrobes but went for a white finish with panelled doors this time.

Up cycling jumper into a cushion cover (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

We had a bit of a rejig of the furniture to make the most of the space as it is a huge room and was going to waste. If I was a better blogger, I would have taken proper before and after pictures but actually, Mr Mostly set to work dismantling the old furniture before I could get in to take a photo. (Seeing as he was building my new wardrobes on the hottest day of the year so far, I wasn’t about to complain! Ha!) But along with the new wardrobes we also bought new drawers and this is the bit that I am particularly pleased with. They are the HEMNES drawers that come with perfectly smart black handles but I wanted to pretty them up a little so they didn’t scream IKEA quite so much. Not that there is anything wrong with IKEA furniture of course it’s just that I wanted to add a bit of personality to the room and fancy knobs were a really easy way to do that.

The one with the fancy knobs (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I found them all from various sellers on EBay as I wanted all twelve drawer knobs to be different. I stuck to a mainly pink theme but added in complimentary aquas, greys, greens, lilacs etc and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I tried to choose not only different colours but shapes too. So there is a mix of animal shapes, love hearts, roses, buttons and more traditional round knobs. Some of them were eye wateringly expensive I daren’t even add up how much I spent as I have a feeling that they cost almost as much as the drawers! Eek so much for doing this makeover on a tiny budget! But oh how I love them!

The one with the fancy knobs (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

With the wardrobes built and drawers in place, the room is almost there but not quite. It seems that when we went from boring old magnolia to white on the walls in this room a couple of years ago, somebody decided that we should paint around the wardrobes because we would never move them. That would be me by the way. Ahem. So the whole room needs repainting now that we have had a shift around. I don’t actually mind painting but it was a job that I wasn’t expecting to have to do. Never mind!

When everything is spic and span, I might even attempt to do a proper room tour post like a real blogger. We’ll see. Ha!

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10 thoughts on “The one with the fancy knobs

  1. Midlife Singlemum says:

    The wood finish trends over the decades from 1970s orange pine to natural woods through to white interiors now is very interesting. How do they get us all to like the same sorts of interiors at the same time? White, light, and fresh would also be my choice if I were in the market for new furniture. I love IKEA.


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      No you’re quite right! There is no way that I would have chosen white furniture ten years ago isn’t it funny? It’s like the old oak ones we had, they were still in good enough nick to be passed on to somebody else to use but I’d just gone off them. I wonder what will be in fashion in another ten years?


  2. Cat says:

    I’d really love to see your new wardrobes in situ – we’re trying to find a wardrobe for our new place and I’m struggling. We used to have an old cheap Ikea wardrobe, which did last for a good length of time considering how cheap it was, but I thought that it was about time to move away from Ikea… It’s so difficult to find a wardrobe that’s big enough and not hideously expensive though!

    I really love the Hemnes range but infinitely prefer the jazzed-up drawers! 🙂 x


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I’ll try and do a proper room tour when it’s all done and give you a nudge! I have to say that I’m so impressed with how well the PAX wardrobes lasted that it would pain me to pay for ridiculously expensive ones from else where.


  3. Gym Bunny Mummy says:

    I just LOVE those knobs, I’ve seen some gorgeous ones in Homebase that I want to use in the kitchen. I’ve just painted our bedroom furniture & kitchen cupboards doors in Annie Sloan paint because I’d fallen out of love with the wood finish. Much more brighter & lighter now although I’ve gone for soft greys & creams


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