Hello July!

I seem to be saying this every month this year but how is it July already? In a few short weeks, school will be out for summer…

My son had his official last day in sixth form weeks ago now but he is still back and forth from school tying up those last loose ends. He has sat all of his AS and A Level exams now but he still has coursework to finalise for his BTEC subjects. I feel a bit sorry for him really in that his proper last day won’t really be marked if that makes sense? Celebrating his last day weeks ago when he still had exams to sit etc just didn’t make sense to me. I know the kids all finish at different times over these coming weeks depending on their subjects but it would be nice if they celebrated his actual last day with a bit of a bang. Instead, he’ll just leave school like any other day. No fuss, no big goodbyes, no shirt signing. We’ll have to make our own bang for him I guess!

My eldest daughter has survived her first year in sixth form and will follow in her brother’s footsteps to do her final year next year. She has had AS Level exams and I’m not going to lie, the stress levels have been through the roof at times. All you can do is tell them a hundred times a day that they can only try their best of course. Oh and keep the food coming. Exams are hungry work. I swear my shopping bill has doubled over these last few weeks. She is doing brilliantly though and it’s such an exciting time for her looking at uni open days and the like. She also still has a week of work experience to come this term (if she ever pulls her finger out and gets it sorted that is!)

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My youngest two will be leaving Year 3 and 5 to go into Year 4 and 6. Year 6! The biggy! So before we know it we will be looking at high school applications for my ten year old which is quite frankly terrifying. To be honest, the school she is going to is a foregone conclusion because she will be going to same high school as her older brother and sister as it is an excellent school and luckily within our catchment area. I just don’t want to think about my baby being old enough to start there! Eeek! The end of term in primary school is always a fun one though so they still have lots to look forward to this year yet. Of course when I say fun, I mean fun for them but for me it is one of those terms where I feel like I have a thousand and one things to remember and balls often (inevitably) get dropped. School trips, reports, end of term discos, sports day, transition days, class picnics, toy day…

Can we just skip straight to summer now, please? I hate to wish time away but by this point in the year, I am so over the whole school thing. And so ready for summer!

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