Disney Tsum Tsum up for review

Now I have to confess that I didn’t know what a Tsum Tsum was before we were sent some to review but my youngest daughters certainly did! These adorable Disney squishy characters are the latest collectible craze and we were very kindly sent a pack from the Series 1 collection which they were over the moon about.

Disney Tsum Tsum Series 1 up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

There are 50+ characters to collect and each pack there are four Tsum Tsum characters including one surprise toy. There are also four ultra rare gold Tsum Tsums and we didn’t get lucky this time (but fingers crossed for the next time!) I say next time because my daughters loved them so much that I can see exactly how they are going to spending their next pocket money! Ha!

In our pack we had Baymax from Big Hero 6 (which is one of my ten year old’s most favourite movies ever!) Boo from Monsters Inc, Anna from Frozen and our surprise Tsum Tsum was none other than Buzz Lightyear! Such a great selection they couldn’t believe their luck!

Disney Tsum Tsum Series 1 up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

These little squishy Disney superstar characters are ideal to collect and swap with friends and you can stack them on top of each other – ‘stack ’em, collect ’em! Tsum Tsum (which is pronounced ‘zoom zoom’) is translated from Japanese and means ‘stack stack’. The characters originally come from a Japanese app and have now been brought to life as these little collectibles. And with over 50 characters in this series from some of Disney’s most iconic films, I can see why they are fast becoming a playground craze. A pack of 4 Tsum Tsum Squishies like we were sent cost just £4.99 and are available in shops now so they are a perfect pocket money toy.

Disney Tsum Tsum get a huge thumbs up from us we love them!

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Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review we were kindly sent press samples of Disney Tsum Tsum collectibles 

3 thoughts on “Disney Tsum Tsum up for review

  1. justanhonestmum says:

    Isnt it funny how us parents are clueless about all this stuff yet our children know exactly what it is! My little boys 4 and is constantly into new stuff, i blame youtube!


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