Brand New Barbie Dreamtopia Movie

I know lots of you are Barbie fans just like us so I am really excited to share the news that the brand new Barbie Dreamtopia movie special will air this weekend on Tiny Pop! You can watch on Saturday 23rd July at 4pm then again on catch up on Sunday 24th July at 9am. Join Barbie, her younger sister Chelsea and her pup Honey on a magical new adventure telling the story of Dreamtopia.

Barbie Dreamtopia movie on Tiny Pop

Have you ever imagined you could fly with fairies whose wings sprinkle emeralds and diamonds as they flutter by? Or that you could ride the tallest rollercoaster you’ve ever seen, up in the sky on a rainbow? Walk through a lollipop forest filled with cute and happy pets made of fruit and candy or express yourself through wild and fantastic hairdos that you can turn into anything you wish? Well Barbie’s little sister Chelsea sure has!

Get ready to join Barbie, Chelsea and her puppy Honey on the adventure of a lifetime as they explore the lands of Dreamtopia, a land where if you can imagine it, it can happen. You can find out more about the world by visiting here or by downloading the Barbie Dreamtopia app. Don’t forget to tune into Tiny Pop at the weekend to see the movie but in the meantime, you can see the trailer here.

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