Hooray for summer!

I feel all out of sync with everyone this year as we seem to have broken up from school at least a week after everyone else but today is our first official day of the holidays..


Oh my godfathers I swear that was the longest term ever and my poor youngest two have crawled to the end. They had to be dragged out of bed every morning for these last couple of weeks. Ugh. They are so ready for this break. Well, we all are in fact!

It is all change for us this summer though as my son starts his apprenticeship next week so we won’t have a full nest. I’m not going to lie, it is going to feel really strange. It always feels strange when one of them is off doing their own thing at the best of times but it will feel even stranger still knowing that he is out there working in the big wide world while we are about to start our summer break. A whole new chapter for all of us. It just means that we’ll have to make more of an effort to do the big days out on weekends when we are all here rather than during the week that’s all. I’m sure we can manage that.

Looking forward to the summer holidays with top mummy blogger (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

Oh, and we have a holiday up in The Lakes to look forward to! We purposely went away much earlier in the year not knowing if we would be able to have a holiday in the summer break because we didn’t know what my son’s plans would be with sixth form coming to an end. But once we knew what was what, we managed to book another sneaky trip away (April already seems like a lifetime ago so we are definitely ready for another holiday – I can’t wait for the six of us to go away again!) With every holiday we have though, I can’t help but think that it might be our last family one with our eldest two being seventeen and eighteen now. Saying that, something tells me that they will always find time to come on our lame family holidays with us. They love them really. Ha!

I quite like that other than our holiday, we don’t really have any firm plans for summer though. There is something so liberating about having those six weeks of summer stretch ahead of us to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, we will no doubt be doing lots to fill those days along the way as we’re really very good at keeping ourselves busy but you won’t catch me scanning Pinterest for military style parenting tips on how to survive the summer any time soon. There are no spreadsheets of organised fun. No screen bans in place or rules being stuck to the fridge. Hey, whatever works for you and all that but actually, our family works best when it is a tiny bit feral.

Aside from our actual holiday, there will be family days out but there will definitely be lots of long lazy days at home too. I don’t fear the I’m bored moans because my kids know that they will soon be shooed away to find something to do. In all honesty, they rarely get bored but I think that’s because I allow them the space to occupy themselves. Nowadays I think there is far too much pressure to fill every waking minute of our kids’ lives with entertainment of some sort. So much so, that kids have forgotten how to find their own. Well, not here!

Honestly? One of the biggest advantages of me giving up work to be at home was being able to enjoy these long summer holidays together. Every last lazy day of them.

Hooray for summer!

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One thought on “Hooray for summer!

  1. Maria says:

    Oh my goodness. We really do think so alike.
    No timetables for us either. I totally agree that the holidays need to be left to be free and not timetabled. Lovely post. As for out of sync, is Scots are back to school a week today! 😭


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