Back to school with Poundland

As summer flies by at a rate of knots, I’m sure we’re not the only ones to be thinking about getting ready to go back to school shopping. Poundland offer a large range of quality back to school items and we were sent some lovely items to try out and review here on my blog.

Getting ready to go back to school with Poundland on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

My youngest daughter is Dory mad so you can imagine her little face when she clapped eyes on these goodies that we were sent! The spiral bound notebook came with a matching Dory pencil and is plain inside so perfect for drawing or writing. Her favourite though was the giant pencil shaped pencil case which came with coloured pencils inside. Such great value at £1 each and they would be great now in fact to keep her busy on our travels or indeed for squirreling away until September. Bright coloured items like this are always so appealing to children and it’s nice to add a fun element to education.

Getting ready to go back to school with Poundland on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

Poundland’s back to school range is amazing value with everything costing just £1. What impressed me most was that there were a whole range of things suitable from infant school right through to university. It’s great that there is something for everybody but particularly good when you have as many children as I do spread out over so many years! When you have a large family, the shopping list for stationery for going back to school seems to get longer every year so it’s nice to be able to do it all under one roof wherever possible.

Getting ready to go back to school with Poundland on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

My eldest daughter is about to start her final year in sixth form and that means stocking up on basics like folders and pens. She gets through so many each term as you can imagine but it is not a problem when they are such good value. We were also sent some revision cards and funky highlighter pens which will be put to full use this year with so many exams ahead. Her final year! Eeek!

Getting ready to go back to school with Poundland on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

She is studying fine art at school and always has a sketchbook on the go. I think this metallic paint we were sent was probably meant for my younger children but she claimed it for herself. We have to spend an eye-wateringly lot of money on some of her specialist art equipment so it’s nice to be able to save some pennies by getting basics like this for just £1. Did I mention that everything is just £1? I can’t get over the quality for the value!

I was really impressed with the overall quality of the back to school items that we were sent from Poundland. In all honesty it isn’t a shop that I have ever thought of before for stationery but I will be back. The great thing is that they stock these back to school essentials all year round too. I will definitely be going for a proper explore on the lookout for more amazing school bargains.

Are you getting ready to go back to school? I’d definitely recommend that you take a look at Poundland, you might just be surprised like I was!

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Disclaimer: This post has been commissioned by Poundland

3 thoughts on “Back to school with Poundland

  1. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    You really can not beat Poundland for these items, I buy so many gifts there for my craft/stationery crazed Addy.

    Your daughters painting is beautiful, you should share more of her work, I would love to see xxx


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