Finding my feet

The back to school thing always hits me really hard, I can’t pretend otherwise. You’d think that after all these years and all these children that I would be used to it by now but I don’t think it is a feeling that I will ever get used to.

I love our summers together and I will always feel so lucky to have this time off with them. This summer was a little different for us this year with my eldest now being out there in the big wide world since starting his apprenticeship earlier than first expected, but we soon found our new rhythm. When my other three broke up from school in July, it felt so great to have the whole summer ahead of us. Six weeks feels like forever, doesn’t it? In a good way I mean. But before I knew it, it was time to go back to school and for whatever reason, it just felt like a really short summer this year, despite all of the wonderful days and amazing holiday that we managed to fit in. It just didn’t feel long enough.

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As September rolled in and my social media channels began to fill up with those proud photos of smiling kids in their brand new and ever so slightly too big new uniforms, I could have cried knowing that it would soon be us. I wanted to hurl myself on the floor and throw the mother of all I don’t want them to go back to school tantrums. But somehow I don’t think that would have made a difference. Thanks to a couple of very fortunately placed teacher training days, we didn’t go back to school until last Wednesday so we made the most of every minute of those bonus days. The kids were actually fine about going back it was just me that didn’t want them to. But of course that’s a good thing. I think if they had been reluctant to go back, it would have killed me sending them! It was hard enough as it was!

Actually the first day that they went back wasn’t the hardest. It was the second that was the killer because it was then that it hit me that this is it. Back to school. Back to the old stifling routines. The stressful school runs. The uniform to iron. The homework to fight over. The endless forms to fill in. The money to send in. Back to school with an almighty bump. So I allowed myself those couple of days to feel sorry for myself. Then it was Friday and I could look forward to the weekend. And it was a particularly lovely weekend it has to be said. I think we all needed it. It helped that the weather was so gorgeous it felt we could cling on to that summer feeling for a tiny bit longer, if only for the weekend.

So it’s today that I feel like I need to brush myself down and find my feet again. Fall back into our old routines while gladly counting down to the next school holiday. Survey the flea pit that was formerly my house and give it the cleaning of its life. Find the bottom of the laundry pile. Catch up on writing stuff that got forgotten over the summer. Clear my emails before my inbox actually explodes. And remember that as much as I miss having a house full of children, I really am very good at filling these pockets of time in between school runs.

I’m ready for you now, September.

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3 thoughts on “Finding my feet

  1. PhotoPuddle says:

    Oh I hear you about finding your feet. My youngest started school last week and it feels like such a huge thing. Not for him starting school – he is loving it – but for me. I have been a stay-at-home mum for eight years and have loved it. It was like I finally found what I was meant to be doing in life but now I feel a little lost. I do really need to get a job but have no idea what I can do that fits around school runs and school holidays. And I have obsolutely no idea who would want to hire me either. Eeeek, going to be an interesting few months of “finding myself” I think.


  2. traceycwilliams says:

    My 2 also had a few inset days and I am just now getting back into my routine. I must admit on day 2 I blitzed the house and my god that was a good feeling. Only another 4 or 5 weeks and they will be off again for October half term x


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