My dream pet (with a little help from Petplan)

When Petplan got in touch asking us to create our dream pet, it felt like the perfect task for my ten year old daughter. She is animal mad. And I mean completely and utterly animal mad I have never known a child like it honestly! It wouldn’t surprise me one jot if she ends up being a vet when she grows up. There is nothing that she doesn’t know about animals from how tall a giraffe can grow to what beetles eat.

We have two cats who she cuddles to death and they love her to bits, they follow her everywhere. She also has her very own pet tortoise who she takes amazing care of. They really are the best of friends he’s such a lovely little thing. So when it came to creating her very own dream pet, I did wonder what she would come up with but she soon started doodling away.

Creating our dream pet with Petplan - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

She couldn’t decide on just one animal (and who can blame her really?) so she decided that it would be a bit of a mix up of some of her favourite pets all rolled into one. Got to love a ten year old’s imagination, haven’t you? So meet Chloe. Admitted, not the most imaginative of names but I think you will see that the pet itself makes up for that! Ha! She has the body of a cat with the tail of a fish and hamster arms for good measure. Oh and a unicorn horn. Because when you are ten, a unicorn is a real animal. She also happens to be wearing a very fancy crown too which I just think is the icing on the cake. A dream pet indeed.

Creating our dream pet with Petplan - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Now what happened next was really very special. The lovely people over at Petplan took my daughter’s drawing and had it turned into her own real live dream pet. Well, a stuffed teddy version at least. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you have ever seen? She absolutely loves it! Her dream pet brought to life, crown and all! Something that I am sure she will treasure forever!

Creating our dream pet with Petplan - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Now if there is one thing that Petplan’s Pet Insurance really understands it is that we all treasure our pets. The real live ones as well as the stuffed ones of course. Since Petplan’s inception in 1976, their priority has been to keep the nation’s pets healthy and their owners happy. By offering the very best pet insurance policies and great customer service, they have helped millions of owners get their beloved pets back on their feet following illness and injury.

From the start, Petplan understood that pet owners have specific needs when it comes to finding the right insurance policy and became one of only a few pet insurance providers to offer genuine ‘lifetime’ policies. In addition to their market leading Covered For Life® policies, they also have a 12-month policy that can be designed to suit all needs.

Petplan works with more animal rehoming charities than any other pet insurance provider and are committed to supporting charities and the vital work they do in any way they can. They work with more than 1200 charities throughout the UK and in 1994, they formed the Petplan Charitable Trust which has so far raised more than £7million towards a better, healthier world for animals.

I must just end this by saying a huge thank you to Petplan for making my daughter’s dream pet come to life. What would your dream pet be? Something wearing a crown with a unicorn horn or maybe something a little more.. shall we say.. traditional? I’m going to be terribly boring here and say that my lovely cats really are my dream pets but you probably already knew that!

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Disclaimer: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan but all thoughts (and crazy dream pet designs) are our own 

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