October 2016: This month, I have mostly been reading

October 2016: This month I have mostly been reading - Mostly Yummy Mummy

This month I have managed to get through six books but I think it is due to two of those being very short reads. Sometimes there is nothing nicer than sitting down to read a short book in a sitting (or two) especially under a blanket on a chilly afternoon. I try to give myself at least one afternoon off a week to do just that. I really am the best boss ever. So, I’ll try and keep this short and sweet as I know these book posts can be quite lengthy and the whole idea of writing them was just to share the books I’ve been reading with a quick thumbs up (or down) really rather than a full review.

So here we go. First up was Only Dull People Are Brilliant At Breakfast by Oscar Wilde which I read in one glorious sitting. It’s a lovely compilation of Oscar Wilde quotes and is nothing short of genius as you might expect. I always think that this little book would make a perfect gift for just about anyone. But maybe not newlyweds. He really wasn’t keen on the whole marriage thing unsurprisingly! Ha!

Next we have Dietland by Sarai Walker which was recommended to me by a friend a couple of months back when I was on the lookout for good feminist reads. It is described as the feminist makeover story that we’ve been waiting for in the blurb and I would have to agree. Such a refreshing read (although really quite hairy in parts) but it really made me think. Questioning the patriarchy can only ever be a good thing as far as I’m concerned. It’s part coming of age story and part revenge fantasy. I’ve never read anything quite like it and would definitely recommend. One for me to pass on to my seventeen year old for sure.

Then came We The Animals by Justin Torres. This was one of those books where I just had to read it to see what all the fuss was about to be honest but I think it might have been lost on me. It read almost like poetry but was sometimes a little too dark for my taste. A good short read though and even though I didn’t love it like everyone else seems to, I’d still say give it a go and see for yourself.

Next was An Almost Perfect Moon by Jamie Holland which has been sat on my bookshelves unread for quite some years. I’m afraid to say that it felt terribly dated and I didn’t really enjoy it. I think it’s fair to say that ‘modern fiction’ as it were has come on in leaps and bounds since this was first published and it just doesn’t cut the muster by today’s standards. It was basically a tale of smug twenty somethings whose lives all magically fell into place as they turned thirty. Remember back in the year 2000 when we used to believe that codswallop? Well, yeah. Exactly. My eyes were rolling out of my head. That breed of twentysomethings knew nothing.

Now The Girls by Lisa Jewell was superb and probably my favourite of all her books. I just could not put this down. A girl is found unconscious in a dark corner of a communal garden one midsummer night and whilst trying to unravel what really happened that night, you find yourself questioning everyone and everything. A really complex story full of suspense and incredible characterisation. One of my favourite books this year for sure.

And last but by no means least we have The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis. Yes, that Janet Ellis from Blue Peter. This is her first novel and actually it is so good that it is hard to believe that it is her debut. Brilliant writer and I hope there is more to come from her. It’s set in Georgian London which in itself is utterly fascinating and the tale takes quite a dark twist but I absolutely loved it. So unlike anything else I have read in ages. Definitely recommend this one.

So there we have it. What have you been reading this month? Or what is still waiting for you on your to be read pile? As always, leave me a comment here or find me over on Instagram talking about all things books as @BySarahMostly under #mostlyreading

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3 thoughts on “October 2016: This month, I have mostly been reading

  1. ohprettycity says:

    I’m looking for some new books (even though I have shelves full that I haven’t read as yet) love the sound of the Oscar Wilde and Janet Ellis books, will look out for them!


  2. susankmann says:

    What a great collection. I really fancy The Butchers Hook it looks and sounds great. I sat in on her talk at an event in glasgow earlier on this year x


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