Capsicana sauces up for review

There’s so much more to Latin American food than Tex-Mex and Capsicana is on a mission to get us all eating ‘proper’ Latin American food. I was sent some of their sauces to review here on my blog as well as these gorgeous little Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Like the sauces, they are genuinely Latin and legend has it that if you put them under your pillow while you’re sleeping, the dolls will take away your worries. Cute, huh?

Capsicana cooking sauces up for review on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

Now the Latin American sections of our shops are mostly filled with the usual Tex-Mex fare of corny chilli con carne, gloopy guacamole and bland black beans. But Capsicana has launched three deliciously different Latin American cooking sauces. Chilli infused, they’re inspired by three different countries – Peru, Brazil and Mexico – and are perfect for the adventurous who want to quickly and easily enjoy authentic tastes from the region. Each pack features a pair of simple recipes that can be ready in under 20 minutes, with many more on Capsicana’s website.

Capsicana cooking sauces up for review on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

Capsicana’s Chilli & Lemon sauce is based on Peru’s famous green chilli ‘Aji Verde’ sauce. This medium heat sauce is usually served with one of the country’s most popular dishes ‘Pollo a la Brasa’ – roasted chicken. Capsicana uses peruvian-grown aji amarillo chilli peppers for kick while the lemon juice provides a tangy citrus bite. I cooked up a feast for the whole family with this sauce. I fried chicken strips with red pepper and onion before adding the sauce and served it with sweet potato fries, freshly sliced avocado and soft tortillas. It was so good!

Capsicana cooking sauces up for review on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

If you’re trying to keep the Brazilian feel-good factor of the Olympics and Paralympics alive, then it’s got to be Capsicana’s hot Chilli & Coconut sauce. It features frutuscens chillis and is based on the traditional seafood dish ‘Moqueca’. I kept this simple and served it with grilled basa on a bed of wild rice. The good thing with all of the sauces is that they are so versatile and all work well with meat, fish or vegetables.

Capsicana cooking sauces up for review on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

If Mexico is where you’d prefer to start, then this Chilli & Honey will hit the spot. This sweet and sticky sauce has the mildest chilli kick of the three and is based on ‘Puerco al horno con salsa de chile ancho y miel’, a classic Mexican dish. It uses Mexican-grown chipotle and ancho poblano chilli peppers as well as honey. Honey has been integral to the country’s food since the Mayans who believed that a native stingless bee was a gift from god and a link to the spirit world. I used this sauce as a marinade for chicken legs and we had it with rice and corn. So yummy!

I have to say that I was really impressed with all three of the sauces and would struggle to pick a favourite. Three very unique flavours and loved how they can be used in so many different recipe ideas. The sauces really do taste authentic and have a kick to them that you just don’t normally find in shop bought packets. I’ve already been to Waitrose to restock which I think says it all really! But they are such a great sauce to have tucked away in the store cupboard to brighten up weekday dinners in a flash. Not only do the sauces work well with all kinds of meat, fish or vegetables but you can throw an amazing meal together in minutes.

You can find the Capsicana sauces in Waitrose, Whole Foods and Amazon for £1.99 per pack which serves two. Find out more at or follow over on social media @capsicana 

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Disclaimer: I was very kindly provided with samples of the Capsicana sauces to try out for myself for the purpose of this review 

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