November 2016: This month, I have mostly been reading

November 2016: This month I have mostly been reading - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

I swear the older I get the quicker the time goes but the end of November has really crept up on me this year, I can’t believe that I’m writing this already?! Anyway, here is what I have mostly been reading this month.

First up we have Disclaimer by Renee Knight which has been sat on my bookshelf for some months now having been recommended by so many friends. But I’m afraid that it didn’t do much for me. I don’t think it’s the books fault, it is perfectly well written. I just think that I have read one too many of these types of stories in the last year or so. I think I am all thillered out. I found that it took me a while to get into it as I couldn’t easily differentiate between the voices of the characters as it swapped and changed to tell the story from different points of view. The characters just weren’t quite strong enough for me to care. There was a twist along the way – as is the norm for the big blockbuster thrillers these days – but it didn’t blow my mind I’m afraid. Still worth a try if thrillers are your thing though, I wouldn’t let me put you off.

Next came The Forever Girl by Alexander McCall Smith which I absolutely loved. I haven’t read many of his books but I have loved every one of them. He is such a brilliant storyteller and this book read like an absolute dream. It is ridiculously romantic and starts out by asking if the proposition that for each of us there is one great love in our lives, and only one. So of course I was hooked from the get go. This is something that absolutely fascinates me because even though it denies all logic, I do think it might be true. We first meet the main characters as children and it follows them through to adulthood on love’s unpredictable path. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Then I read Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia which was a really good, fun read. There are broken off engagements, self-help websites and drunken declarations of love at extremely inappropriate moments. I found it really funny and refreshingly honest. I wanted to take the main character Viv under my wing and tell her that everything would be alright in the end. And it was of course because in true chick lit style, the love of her life was under her nose the whole time, she just couldn’t see it.

And last of all we have A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler which I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy much. Judging by the comments I received on social media, this is a bit of a marmite book. People seem to love it or hate it. Unfortunately it was the latter for me but I did plough on until the end. The story follows four generations of the Whitshank family but it was one of those books where not much happened at all. It just didn’t seem to gather pace for me. The annoying thing was that it seemed to brush over the few characters who did seem a tiny bit interesting and stick to telling the story of the main – and more boring – family members.

So that was me, what have you been reading this month? As always I love to hear your recommendations either here in the comments or over on social media. I would especially love to hear about any Christmassy recommendations you might have lined up for next month!


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