The one where I am on Cloud Nine

About a year ago my GHD hair straighteners went bang. Quite spectacularly as it happens. They had been on their last legs for ages but when they died they went with an almighty BANG. I was lucky I had any hair left! Ha! Anyway, they were long past their best and after some deliberation, I replaced them with a brand new shiny set of GHD Eclipse. At the time, that was the latest (and most expensive) GHD straightening irons on the market. I have used nothing but GHD straighteners for years. Like, easily something like 13 years if not more and trusted the brand completely. When you have wire wool hair like mine, life without decent straighteners just isn’t an option. Trust me.

But what I really wasn’t expecting was for these swanky new super duper Eclipse straighteners that cost around £150 to die after just over a year. Ugh. I was gutted. Absolutely gutted. Up until then, they really had been the best straighteners I had ever used and now they were as dead as a doornail. They were switching on alright and heating up but within a minute of use, they were just cutting out and beeping incessantly. A quick Google later I found that this is a common fault but unfortunately it seems that it is an unfixable fault and GHD no longer make the Eclipse styler apparently. Great stuff.

Cloud Nine versus GHD straighteners - which is best? As seen on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

Luckily, I had bought them from John Lewis so I had their standard electrical insurance. Phew. The customer service from John Lewis was absolutely amazing but then again, isn’t it always? You can’t rely on many things in life these days but you can always rely on good old John Lewis. I called them and was able to arrange an immediate refund or replacement. I went for the replacement (of course) and jumped ship to try out Cloud Nine. I did consider Cloud Nine stylers when I bought the Eclipse last year but it was my brand loyalty to GHD that swung it in the end. Anyway, my loyalty understandably went well and truly went out of the window and it was definitely time to give Cloud Nine a try. I read nothing but amazing reviews everywhere for them.

Cloud Nine versus GHD straighteners - which is best? As seen on Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

And the verdict? I love them. I went for the Cloud Nine Original Iron Hair Styler and at the time, they had a promotion on this special Christmas gift set so it came with a paddle brush, heat resistant bag and two styling clips for just £149. I think they have sold out at John Lewis now but you might be able to find the set elsewhere. Looks wise, they remind me of old skool GHD straighteners in that they are really quite plain to look at but of course, it is what they can do that really matters.

Unlike GHD you can control the temperature from a hair friendly 100 degrees to 200 degrees for the ultimate styling. I must admit that with my birds nest, I tend to just whack them on the full 200 degrees but it will be interesting to see if I can get away with using a lower heat. I’ll have more time to have a play now that the kids are off for Christmas so I’ll have to see. Obviously modern technology means that straighteners don’t destroy your hair like they once did. Heck, I remember in days of yore when straightening your hair would be accompanied by the smell of singed tresses and an actual sizzle! But obviously any heat can cause damage even with all the new fangled technology and oils and sprays etc. So if I can get away with a lower heat, all the better. The plates are super smooth and they have a curved body so there is no dragging on your hair. I only ever use mine to straighten but I’m guessing this would make them great for flicks and curls too. They are effortless to use and every bit as good as any GHD styler I have ever had, if not better.

But, and it’s a big but, I guess the real test will be if they actually last me longer than a year. Here’s hoping…

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